Kittens for the Reef

Kittens for the Reef was a stand-alone project sponsored by NQCC in 2015. It had its own facebook page and website, at, until early 2018. That website has been recreated here for reference - and because we still like to see and hear Charlie Veron explaining the problem and its solution. The divestment movement is still important, and Market Forces is still a key player in it.


Welcome to Kittens for the Reef – where a kitten called Fluffy and world famous marine scientist Dr Charlie Veron join forces to help save the Great Barrier Reef and our world’s climate.

Fluffy and Charlie think the best way to do this is to follow the money - our money! Money that is held by the big Aussie banks. 

KftR video image

The ‘Big 4’ banks have already invested a lot of that money in coal and fossil fuels. And they are soon to decide whether to lend billions and billions more for Indian-owned Adani’s Galilee basin coal projects in Central Queensland, including the massive Carmichael mine. Even more fossil fuels projects around Australia could be down the track.

There has never been a better time to tell the Big 4 that you won’t let your money be part of this! It’s time to make sure that if these banks stick to their old dirty habits, then they will be having kittens!

Need help with finding and switching to a clean lender? Our friends at the not-for-profit Market Forces have a great website showing which banks, building societies, super funds and other lenders are investing in coal and other fossil fuels, and how you can switch. And for free professional help in shifting your mortgage to a clean lender with a minimum of fuss check out Future Home Loans.

For information on which superannuation companies are the most exposed to fossil fuels and who you can switch to, visit Superswitch.


About the Video

Kittens for the Reef, featuring Dr Charlie Veron and his very cute assistant and social media star, Fluffy, is brought to you by North Queensland Conservation Council, a peak organisation in the Statewide environmental movement and the voice for the environment in North Queensland.  

Dr J.E.N. (Charlie) Veron was recently described by none other than Sir David Attenborough as ‘one of the world's greatest scientific authorities on corals and coral reefs’.

Fluffy was born in December 2014 and belongs to Danielle, a student from Townsville who adores her pet and was keen to help with the project.