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NQCC Takes the Message to Brisbane!

NQCC will be in to launch the Save our National Parks postcard campaign outside Parliament House on Wednesday 13 March 2019.  Join us there - to find out more visit our Facebook Event.

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About the Issue

In October 2018, the Minister for Innovation and Tourism Industry Development (DITID) Kate Jones, in partnership with Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch, released an Expressions of Interest (EOI) process on Hinchinbrook Island NP (Thorsborne Trail), Whitsunday Island NP (Whitsunday Island Trail) and Great Sandy NP (Cooloola Great Walk). The EOI gives proponents opportunity to develop and operate eco-accommodation and tour guidance within the boundaries of these three National Parks.

The Government is prepared to provide the successful proponent with state-owned land within these National Parks for accommodation, including exclusive ground leases for a term of up to 60 years, assistance during the approval process, a “one-government” approach to comply with other government requirements and a contribution of up to $5 million for eco-accommodation built along the Whitsunday Island Trail.

The Queensland Conservation movement is opposed to the current trend of opening up National Parks to commercial interests. This includes (but is not limited to) the EOI process. The Government is attempting a complete change of their business model and hope that the public won't realise the impact on the natural values of our state's most fragile places. When in opposition, both the ALP and the LNP have taken the position that leasing public land is as good as selling it off because Government control is lost over those properties. 

We know how much Australians value National Parks, so we are ensuring that public awareness is high, while putting pressure on the relevant politicians to acknowledge the conservation value of national parks above commercial interests. To secure a safe future for our National Parks, tourism development needs to stay outside their boundaries.



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