Introducing “Clear Water Townsville”

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Protecting our ocean

Join us in celebrating the beautiful clear water of the northern tropics and safeguarding it from unnecessary dredging and other activities that muddy our wonderful Cleveland Bay – an ecological hotspot and fundamental to our unique lifestyle.

Clear Water Townsville is a partnership between North Queensland Conservation Council and the Magnetic Island Nature Care Association.

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NQCC calls for stronger government action as coral bleaching worsens

This is the text of a media release distributed by NQCC at 2.15pm on Monday 14 March:

bleached coral lizard IsNorth Queensland Conservation Council is extremely concerned that coral bleaching in the Far North of the Great Barrier Reef is now so bad that the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) has upped its response to level 2.

In the light of this, NQCC calls on government to prevent further Reef degradation by taking strong action on climate change and better financing water quality improvement programs. Continue reading “NQCC calls for stronger government action as coral bleaching worsens”

Decision-makers in denial

UnknownFor those who watched Four Corners last Monday, it must be very clear that the decision-makers on Abbot Point, the career bureaucrat, the CEO of GBRMPA and the Federal Minister are jointly and severally in denial about the Great Barrier Reef.

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So much damage, so little gain

imagesOnce again, the sanity of our leaders must be called into question. This time, the Federal government (following the example of our State government earlier in the month) has given the tick of approval to the Carmichael mine, a 60 million tonnes per annum thermal coal mine in the Galilee Basin that would export through Abbot Point.

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