Paperbark April 2024

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As the humidity finally begins to ease off, it's hard to believe how fast the year is flying past!

April saw some pretty big wins for grassroots movements close to home, including the rejection of the controversial Chalumbin wind project in the wet tropics, tougher penalties for irresponsible dog owners, and anti-coal activist Murrawah Johnson winning the Goldman Environmental Prize. Regional Queenslanders are making big waves!

Here at NQCC, Luna has brought energy and creativity to her role as Community Campaigner, and organised her very first action on Monday morning! It was loads of fun, and there's plenty more coming up for the rest of the 12 days of action!

I hope you enjoy this edition of Paperbark. There really is something for everyone this month!

- Crystal, NQCC Coordinator

In this edition:

  • Climate Action
    • Rise Up! 12 Days of Action
  • Energy Transition
    • Building Renewables Well
    • Webinar: Protecting nature during the rollout of renewable energy
    • Recording: Why nuclear isn't the solution
  • Reef and Water
    • The Great Reef Census
    • Presentation: Five Years of ReefClean
  • NQCC News
    • Green Drinks
    • Townsville Community Alliance
    • New WhatsApp group
  • Other Opportunities
    • WELA leadership intensive
    • Volunteer with us!
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Building Renewables to Benefit Nature and Communities

Sheep graze amongst solar panels

Today the Queensland Conservation Council, alongside nine Queensland regional environmental and conservation groups, have united in support of a well-planned roll out of renewable energy.

The groups have put forward a five-point plan for getting the rollout of renewable energy right, pointing to the positive outcomes that the energy transformation can have for the environment, regional and First Nations communities if delivered well.

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Climate change voices: short story


The Whirlybird by Luna Prince

I poked my head out from under the house, resting my hands on the old metal gate. A loud silence had come over the usually busy street corner. The palm trees across the road were swaying to a song only they could hear. What had been glowing under a fiery sunset just moments before, was now covered in grey. Night had come and the wind was picking up. Kirrily was close.

All day my thoughts had been racing, imagining what may or may not be. I filled the hours preparing or restlessly waiting but mostly keeping busy to distract myself from the looming threat. This was my first summer on the northern coast and I was determined to make it my home. Summer days had spoiled me with lush green trees, dips in crystal clear waters, and an abundance of flowers and fresh fruit. But they also promised extreme weather.

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National Park Expansion a Win for Coastal Birds

White-bellied sea eagle in a treePhoto sourced from QPWS

The rugged, mountainous Bowling Green Bay National Park on the land of the Bindal people, is set to expand by two hectares after the Queensland Government acquired three islets off the coast of Townsville.

Native animals including the white-bellied sea-eagle and black-naped tern are set to benefit.

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Paperbark March 2024

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March in North Queensland saw another mass coral bleaching event, flash flooding and the highest king tides many of us have ever seen. 

Our climate is growing more chaotic, our environment is facing increasing pressures and our political landscape appears to be increasingly dynamic and unpredictable. Here at NQCC, we're building our capacity, to ensure North Queensland's environment has a powerful voice in these challenging times.

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Renewable Energy Zone Roadmap

Images from the QREZ Roadmap document

In late 2023, NQCC made a submission to the Draft Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) Roadmap (read it here). On 26 March 2024, the refined Roadmap was released and is available here

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March 2024 Roundtables

Leanne Linard with representatives from Queensland's environment movement

For a week in the middle of March, NQCC was represented at the Ministerial Environment Roundtable (MERT) and Queensland Environment Roundtable (QERT), hosted by Queensland Conservation Council (QCC) in Meanjin Brisbane.

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Paperbark February 2024

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February was a particularly wet month for North Queensland, but it wasn't enough to dampen our spirits! We presented at a committee hearing for the Energy Transformation and Jobs Bill, engaged with students at JCU's O-Week Market Day, attended a Delegates Conference with civil society leaders from across the Queensland Community Alliance, held several energising volunteer meetings at our office and hosted a Mayoral Candidates' Forum - not bad for the shortest month of the year!

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Clearing of National Park wetland an "international embarrassment"

A road cleared through dense mangrove forest

Image source

Media Release: Queensland Conservation Council & North Queensland Conservation Council

8 March 2024

The bulldozing of a 2km-long driveway through Bowling Green National Park near Townsville is an international embarrassment for Queensland, highlighting critical problems in the state’s ability to respond to illegal clearing across the state.

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Talking Climate with Townsville's Mayoral Candidates

Troy Thompson, Harry Patel and Jenny Hill

Townsville residents know we're on the frontlines of climate change, and the need for strong local leadership on climate action and environmental conservation is higher now than ever before.

Last night, NQCC invited Townsville's three mayoral candidates to share their perspectives and priorities on all things related to climate, environment and liveability, as they responded to questions from NQCC and the community.

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