Petition: No Leases in Queensland's National Parks!

Hinchinbrook Island National Park, currently at risk of commercial development

We call on the Queensland Government to restore appropriate protections of National Parks, for the benefit of generations to come.  

Ask the Government to adequately fund National Parks and to restore the protection of National Parks with NO LEASES to commercial interests!

Who's signing

Fiona Hawthorne
Tom Sjolund
Sonya Underdahl
Barb Robinson
Garth Wimbush
Kerry Peters
GOAL: 60 signatures

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  • Fiona Hawthorne
  • Tom Sjolund
  • Sonya Underdahl
    I find the fact that Private Commercial tourism developers are able to develop INSIDE our World Heritage and Protected Areas disgraceful. In addition, it has come to light that quite often the government is covering the development costs, infrastructure – including trail building costs, subsidising wages under employment grants, as well as covering the costs for marketing (Three Capes Walk). I find this incredible when it occurs in our last 5% of land, at taxpayer cost, exclusion to public, great expense to public to access our land, and benefiting only the private tourism operators. In the case of Kangaroo Island, the development was even listed as “not legal” but continued nonetheless. We must stand up and protect our protected areas.
  • Barb Robinson
    This would also lead to fragmentation of the National Parks which then leads to species loss and weeds.
  • Garth Wimbush
    National Parks are for the people, forever. They are places for everyone, regardless of income or status – they are not only for the rich or influential. They are also primarily about conservation – providing a habitat for animals and plants, because they often have nowhere else. Building private infrastructure in National Parks is against all that the parks are there for.
  • Kerry Peters