Become a Member of NQCC (Annual Membership)

Becoming a Member of North Queensland Conservation Council (NQCC) signals your support and strengthens our ability to speak up for the protection and ongoing preservation of the environment in North Queensland.

The annual membership fee is $20 and our membership year aligns with World Environment Day (i.e. expires 5 June 2020).

Your financial contribution directly supports NQCC's work and activities. Following payment, you will automatically be sent a receipt. Please note that membership fees are NOT tax deductible. 

As per our Rules of Association (aka Constitution), you will officially become a member once your membership application has been endorsed and ratified at the committee meeting following your membership payment. If for some reason your membership is not endorsed, your contribution will be refunded to you in full.

Please note: Payment via our website is through PayPal or credit card (through “PayPal Guest Checkout”). If you would prefer to pay by direct deposit, cash or cheque instead, please email and we will send you the necessary details.

Reasons People Have Joined Our Membership:

"Because I want to protect the environment and to empower my students to do the same at school." - Bronwyn Marsh, new NQCC Member 

"We need to protect our environment (especially National Parks) for future generations to enjoy." - Jenny Brown, long-time NQCC Member

"I care about North Queensland's natural heritage, and I want our community to love and treasure our environment too." - Clare Willard, new NQCC Member

"One planet, one chance..." - Bill Kennedy, NQCC Member

Join us and help make our vision a reality.

Contributions are not tax deductible.