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NQCC values all sorts of voluntary contributions and one highly visible but often overlooked kind of contribution is photography. We have begun to add credits to our header photos but would like to take this opportunity to thank the photographers and to provide contact information or links to their sites.

Photos by Ian Montgomery

Visit Ian's site, Birdway, for more superb photos of the world's birds.

 wandering_whistling_duck_91781_940.jpg Wandering Whistling Duck, Kakadu
 bridled_honeyeater_31927_940.jpg Bridled Honeyeater at Lake Eacham
 golden_shouldered_parrot_97714-940.jpg Golden-shouldered Parrot, Musgrave, Cape York Peninsula
 white_breasted_woodswallow_07183e940.jpg White-breasted Woodswallow roosting on power lines, Sturt St, Townville

Photos by Len Ezzy

Len Ezzy is a long-time member of BirdLife Townsville.

 BTF-Buck-Road-7-Len-Ezzy_resized.jpeg Black-throated Finches, Barringha

Photos by Cherry Muddle, Whitsundays

 Cherry-Muddle-2-rs.jpg The Edge of the Reef
 GBR-cover-Cherry-Muddle.jpg Reef Cover

Photos by Malcolm Tattersall

Malcolm Tattersall blogs about wildlife and the environment on Green Path.

 Horseshoe-6080c2bs.jpg The point at the eastern end of Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island
 National_Day_of_Climate_Action.jpg National Day of Climate Action, the Strand, Townsville, 17 November 2013
 Sea__Sand_and_Solar.jpg Sea, Sand and Solar – rally on the Strand for the Global Day of Climate Action, 2014
 hdr-climate-march-1-1030px.jpg People’s Climate March, Townsville, 2015

Photos by Wendy Tubman

 More_fascinating_with_age.jpg More fascinating with age

More photos welcome!

We are always on the lookout for more images. Our requirements are broad: some relevance to the NQCC's work (e.g. images of activists in action or what we are fighting for) and a minimum width of at least 600px. If you have suitable photos and are willing to let us use them, please send them to 

We are redesigning the site (May 2017 onwards) and we are not yet sure what size/s will be needed for the future, so it would be better if you left any cropping and re-sizing to us.

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