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North Queensland Conservation Council (NQCC) is a peak organisation in the statewide environmental movement and the voice for the environment in North Queensland. It represents the area roughly bounded by Bowen in the south, Cardwell in the north, the Coral Sea in the east and the Northern Territory border in the west, advocating on regional issues, in accordance with our Rules of Association



NQCC was established in 1974 as a not-for-profit incorporated association with a broad mandate to endeavour to protect the “land, waters and atmosphere of the region” and since then has worked continuously on a number of environmental issues of significance to North Queensland and beyond.


Strategic plan one-pager

Our Vision: Flourishing communities living in harmony with a healthy natural environment.

Our Purpose: To promote and protect North Queensland's natural environment. 

Our Values

  • We are independent and ethical.
  • We are bold in our actions to protect the environment.
  • We respect the knowledge, perspectives and rights of First Nations peoples.
  • We work collaboratively with others towards our vision and purpose. 


Our Strategic Goals

  • Affect positive environmental outcomes as a recognised, trusted authority on environmental protection in North Queensland.
  • Empower North Queenslanders to learn about and engage with the natural environment and to act together for its protection.
  • Work alongside and be guided by First Nations Peoples in delivering our vision and purpose.
  • Foster a flourishing organisation that values people and is set up to succeed into the future.


Our Objects (as laid out in our Rules of Association)

  • Operate as the peak environmental non-government organisation for the North Queensland region;
  • Act as a voice for and promote and protect the values of the natural environment of North Queensland;
  • Work towards protection and rehabilitation of the environment through advocacy and education;
  • Work to ensure that resource use in the region occurs in an ecologically sustainable manner and respects species, habitats and the integrity of ecosystems;
  • Collaborate and, where possible, assist organisations and individuals working toward environmental conservation within the region;
  • Work with governments to ensure that legislation, regulations, policies and plans are designed and implemented to protect the values of the natural environment of North Queensland. 


For more information about our current work, check out our blogour campaigns and upcoming events. For all other enquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us

NQCC is a proud member of Queensland and Water Land Carers.

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