Container Recycling

Cam donating bottles

Can you help us fundraise by recycling?


There are two easy ways for you to donate your 10c refund from eligible bottles and cans to NQCC:

  • Drop them off at our office, at 114 Boundary St, Railway Estate in the marked garden waste bins (please ensure lids are removed and check here to ensure your containers are eligible for a refund)
  • Take them to your closest refund point and quote our ID number: C100 283 66 (This sends your refund directly to our account!)



In November 2018, after some delay (and 41 years after South Australia), Queensland introduced a Container Deposit Scheme, aimed at reducing litter and improving recycling rates.

For NQCC, this introduced itself as an opportunity to help raise community awareness around the benefits of recycling and the dangers of littering (particularly in waterways) while supplementing our fundraising activities.

In the first twelve months of the scheme's operation, NQCC raised over $1,400, thanks to the generosity of our supporters! This continues to be an ongoing fundraiser and we appreciate all of the support we receive.Β