Links to Other Environmental Groups and Sites

Townsville/NQ groups are listed first on this page, then broader state, national and international groups. We have added a few words of description where their aims are not obvious from their names.

Other internet resources for environmental information and engagement are endless, of course, but we are still keen to add links to relevant local (NQ) organisations - please contact us if you are one or know one.

National and international

Single-issue groups

Coal and Coal Seam Gas

Marine Issues

Renewable Energy

  • Beyond Zero Emissions is a Melbourne-based not-for-profit research and education organisation working to design and implement a zero emissions economy for Australia.
  • Solar Citizens is an off-shoot of 100% Renewable Energy; it's Australian, with a Sydney/Melbourne centre of gravity. Historical resources and information are still on the 100% Renewable Energy site but it is no longer being updated.
  • The Transition Decade, an alliance of Victorian sustainability groups working on a ten year social and structural transition that enables the restoration of a safe climate.

Climate Change

  • The ABC is probably the most reliable source of Australian news on climate change. This link will take you to the latest news stories they have tagged "Climate Change".
  • The Climate Council After thousands of Australians chipped in to Australia's biggest crowd-funding campaign, the abolished Climate Commission was relaunched as the new, independent Climate Council. Tim Flannery is the most visible member of the management team.
  • Climate Reality Project Australia (formerly The Climate Project) is the Australian branch of Al Gore’s climate change leadership program.
  • Australian Youth Climate Coalition, 'inclusive and diverse', but particularly focused on young people, and 'political but non-partisan'.
  • A global climate movement. Online campaigns, grassroots organizing, and mass public actions are coordinated by a global network active in over 188 countries.
  • Desmogblog The DeSmogBlog project began in 2006 and quickly became one of the world’s primary sources for accurate factual information about global warming misinformation campaigns.
  • Skeptical Science, explaining climate change science and rebutting global warming misinformation, examines the many standard climate (pseudo-) skeptic arguments and exposes their weaknesses.

Volunteering opportunities

(With thanks to Together Qld for the list!)

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