Climate Action Kick Off

Smiling attendees at the NQCC office for the climate action kick off

The 2022 federal election demonstrated that Australians want stronger action on climate change. We have seen some shifts in the right direction, but we know that there is more to be done to ensure our country plays its part in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. 

At our Townsville Climate Rally, we made it clear that climate change is not just the concern of our metropolitan mates. Here in North Queensland, we are experiencing heatwaves, extreme rainfall events and coastal impacts. Our voices matter - we just need to elevate them! 

In February 2023, we brought together members of the climate community in Townsville to plan high impact campaign activities for 2023. This collaboration with Move Beyond Coal was a chance to meet like-minded folks across Townsville, get some campaign updates and plan our next steps. 

By the end of the day, we had formed two main working groups - one working with the Move Beyond Coal campaign to pressure NAB to divest from fossil fuels, and one to campaign for more ambitious and effective climate mitigation and adaptation from Townsville City Council. 

Thank you to everyone who braved the torrential rain on the day to join us at the NQCC office, and to Madde, who organised the day and missed out on joining the group photo (because she was taking it)!

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  • Crystal Falknau