COP21 and acronyms like FFS

Cranky Curlew Productions are up to some more creative messaging in the spirit of raising awareness for Australia taking on its responsibilities and doing its share to reduce carbon emissions. In a reiteration of 'Heads in the Sand 2' footage filmed on the The Strand, Townsville in November 2015, we have this GIF. CrankyCurlew_FFS Did YOU know....Australia still subsidises fossil fuels $12 billion annually! For F#*&s Sake!

COP21 explainer – 5 must-watch videos

Seriously, a blog post on The Climate Reality Project website is really useful for understanding the importance of COP21.  And its in a video format. 

Want to have an understanding of what you need to know about COP21?

Watch these five short clips!

The videos cover:

  • What is COP21? (Climate Reality Project – spoken by Morgan Freeman)
  • The Paris Climate Negotiations Explained. (Grist)
  • Why should we care? (WWF)
  • Why is this time different? (United Nations Foundation)
  • What can I do about it? (Climate Reality Project)

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