NQCC supporters pose with signs outlining what they want to see in a Queensland EPA

This Earth Day, we don't want empty words or cute infographics about saving the planet. We want real protection for our environment, which starts with an independent EPA for Queensland.

That's why we claimed Earth Day 2023 (22 April) as EPA Day, and celebrated with a picnic! This was an opportunity to have some conversations about our asks for an EPA and share that with our supporters and the media (speaking with ABC radio).

“It’s unacceptable the government has been delaying the introduction of this for so long while polluters aren’t being held accountable and vital habitat is being cleared. Earth Day will become a day of mourning in the future if things don’t change.

Not having an EPA means there’s no tough cop on the beat to stop those who exploit the system and harm our environment. Without an EPA, we will continue to see illegal dumping, habitat clearing and the pollution of our waterways in the places we love."

You can read our media release here!

Amaya wants an EPA that holds big polluters accountable

Manuela wants an EPA that has real power to change how decisions are made

Sue wants an EPA that gives greater protection to the environment, involves consultation and effective monitoring and management

Frank wants an EPA that is independent and non-political and has lots of muscle

Liz wants an EPA that takes endangered species seriously and protects their habitat

Sam wants an EPA that saves Queensland's reputation

Alison wants an EPA that keeps the government honest and protects the reef

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