No New Oil or Gas in Channel Country!

Lake Eyre

Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre Basin in Queensland's Channel Country has been threatened by oil and gas exploration, with roads disrupting the seasonal flow of water along the iconic flat landscape. This week, Premier Steven Miles announced that his government would ban new oil and gas developments in the Channel Country

This is a massive win for the many traditional owners, graziers and conservationists who have fought hard to protect this ecologically and culturally significant place. Lock the Gate Alliance is one group that has fought hard in this campaign. Watch their celebration video here!

Protection of Queensland's Channel Country is important to NQCC, as it sits at the far south-west reaches of our North Queensland region, and supports migratory species and ecological processes important for our region. 

In April 2023, we supported a Townsville event co-hosted by the Western Rivers Alliance and the Lake Eyre Basin Traditional Owners AllianceThis event brought together traditional owners, scientists and graziers to share their experiences of why the Channel Country is so precious and in need of protection - particularly from fracking. 

We've also made a number of submissions towards its management. Follow the links to read our 2020 submission, 2022 submission and 2023 submission

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