Renewable Energy Zone Roadmap

Images from the QREZ Roadmap document

In late 2023, NQCC made a submission to the Draft Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) Roadmap (read it here). On 26 March 2024, the refined Roadmap was released and is available here

The Roadmap sets out a framework to connect 22 GW of new, grid-scale renewable energy in 12 potential locations (or REZs) across the state. 

REZs connect electricity generators, like wind and solar projects, in a coordinated way to optimise renewable development and network infrastructure. By enabling proactive planning and meaningful community engagement, they hope to deliver better outcomes for Queensland's regional communities and industries.

As a key element of their approach to REZ delivery, the Dept of Environment and Climate (DEC) will be undertaking REZ Readiness Assessments, which look at how best to manage cumulative impacts and maximise opportunities for local communities.

Set to kick off-in 2024, these assessments will focus initially on the Central Queensland region, with Callide being the first potential REZ. Further assessments for North and Far North Queensland and Southern Queensland will commence later in 2024. 

They have committed to working closely with local stakeholders and communities to understand local priorities and needs, with REZ Readiness Assessments set to begin in the first half of 2024.

You can access the REZ Roadmap, and accompanying map, on the Department’s website here: The REZ Roadmap | Department of Energy and Climate.

Throughout 2023, DEC also engaged with communities right across the state to understand how they are experiencing the energy transformation.

The Stakeholder Insights on the Energy Transformation Report, which was released alongside the updated REZ Roadmap, summarises the feedback received from this extensive consultation process.

NQCC will continue to engage with DEC to ensure our much-needed energy transition is supported by good planning, robust consultation and engagement, and a nature-positive approach, to ensure North Queensland's natural values are protected and, where possible, improved in the long-term.

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