Submissions and letters

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Submission to the Queensland Renewable Energy Zone Roadmap, 22 September 2023

Response to proposed updates to State code 23 for wind farms, 4 September 2023 (with thanks to QCC and CAFNEC)

Submission to the Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement for the Queensland Lake Eyre Basin, 20 August 2023

Recommendations to the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008, 20 August 2023, via online survey

Submission to the Replacement of the Burdekin Basin Water Plan, 5 May 2023

Submission to the Upper Burdekin Wind Farm Public Environment Report, 2 April 2023

Community Submission on the Safeguard Mechanism, 24 February 2023

Letter to Scott Stewart MP re: an independent EPA for Qld, 30 January 2023


Joint letter: "Dirty Dozen, it's time to pull your weight on climate", December 2022

Submission on the Lake Eyre Basin Draft Strategic Plan, 5 December 2022 

Recommendations for Rewiring the Nation, 29 September 2022

Joint letter to Qld Premier re: the future of Queensland's native forests, 23 September 2022

Submission to Central Queensland Coal Project (EPBC 2016/7851), 18 August 2022

Joint Submission on Draft 2022 Reef Wetland Strategy, 18 August 2022

Submission on the Climate Change Bill 2022 and Climate Change (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2022, 10 August 2022

Joint Submission on the Independent Environmental Protection Agency Consultation Discussion Paper, 22 July 2022

Submission on the Ross River Dam to Douglas Water Treatment Plant Pipeline Duplication (EPBC 2021/9002), 18 February 2022
Response from Townsville City Council, 30 March 2022
NQCC's response to TCC's response, 19 May 2022


Joint letter to IUCN re: Central Queensland Coal Mine, 14 September

Submission on Townsville City Council's Draft Tree Management Policy, 11 October

Submission on Museum of Underwater Art proposal for Yunbenun Magnetic Island, 13 July
[MOUA's Community Consultation Response Report released 28 February 2022]

Submission to Draft Terms of Reference for an Environmental Impact Assessment on the Big Rocks Weir Project, 7 June

Submission to Productivity Commission re: National Water Reform Draft Report, 24 March

Comment on Terms of Reference for Environmental Impact Assessment on the Burdekin Falls Dam Raising Project, 29 January

Comment on Terms of Reference for Environmental Impact Assessment on the Urannah Dam Project, 29 January



Submission on Urannah Dam, 14 July

Submission on proposed future management of the Lake Eyre Basin (QLD), 13 February



Submission on Flying Fox roost management codes of practice and management guideline, 12 December

Submission on the draft North Queensland Regional Plan, 22 November

Submission on the Draft Terms of Reference for an Environmental Impacts Statement for the North Queensland Country Club Resort and Equestrian (Toolakea Beach), 12 July

Submission to Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service about Mackay Tourism's Proposal: Wallaby Sunrise Tours at Cape Hillsborough Beach, 24 April

Submission on the Queensland Environmental Offsets Framework, 24 April

Submission on the EPBC Referral 2019/8424 #3780 - Flying Fox deterrent Cairns Regional Council, 24 April

Submission on the Mineral Resources (Galilee Basin) Amendment Bill 2018, 31 January



Submission on the Townsville Port Master Plan, 17 December

Submission on the draft Townsville State Development Area, 14 December

Submission on Improving Resource Approval Efficiency consultation, 4 October

Submission into the Senate inquiry into Australia’s faunal species extinctions, 10 September (unable to be released to the public at present)

Submission on Oak Valley Cattle Yard Development Proposal -MCU18/0041, 18 July

Submission on EPBC Referral for North Galilee Water Scheme (NGWS) Project, 25 June

Submission on EPBC Referral for Alpha North Coal mine, 8 May



Submission on the Inquiry into the Retirement of Coal Fired Power Stations, 10 November

Submission on Townsville Port Expansion Project AEIS (Queensland), 7 November

NQCC submission Request of Reasons EPBC referrals Abbot Point, 14 June

NQCC submission to Queensland Renewable Energy Expert Panel, 7 June

Response to Question on Notice at Vegetation Management Bill Public Hearing 18 May, 3 June

NQCC submission Request of Reasons Abbot Point Terminal 0, 27 May

NQCC submission EPBC Referrals for Abbot Point, 13 May

NQCC submission on Ross River Solar, 4 May

NQCC submission on Vegetation Management (Reinstatement) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016, 26 April

NQCC submission on Common Assessment Method for Threatened Species, 22 April

NQCC submission on Draft Queensland Maintenance Dredging Submission, 19 Apr

NQCC Submission on Trans Pacific Partnership, 22 February

NQCC submission to NQ Taskforce, 17 February

NQCC submission on draft planning supporting instruments, 5 February



Speech “All Hot Air – Squandered Opportunity in Paris” 16 December 2015

NQCC submission on Shark Control application (G33288.1) 30 November 2015

NQCC submission New CMD under the CPM Act 23 September 2015

NQCC submission on Abbot Point Gateway EIS (EPBC2015-7467) 18 September 2015

NQCC Submission re Amendment of EPBC Act 9 September 2015

Supplementary submission from NQCC on the China Stone EIS 7 September 2015

Submission from NQCC on the China Stone EIS 7 September 2015

Supplementary submission Port Development Bill 7 August 2015

NQCC submission on Sustainable Port Development Bill 29 June 2015

NQCC submission to Inquiry into the REO (Tax deductibility status for ENGOs) 18 May 2015

NQCC submission on Abbot Point Gateway Project 30 April 2015

NQCC comment on Boat Bay Proposal 31 March 2015

FF Mangt guidelines submission from NQCC 20 January 2015 (Submission on Proposed Guidelines for Flying Fox Management)



NQCC comment on Moray Power Project 19 December 2014

NQCC submission on Abbot Point Port and Wetlands project 18 December 2014

Draft bilateral amendments submission 20 November 2014

NQCC comment on Reef 2050 Plan 27 October 2014

NQCC submission to the Water Reform BIll 9 October 2014

NOTES for MARCH AUSTRALIA 31 August 2014

NQCC comments for address to State Committee Hearing into the Mineral and Energy Resources August 2014

Submission to the Inquiry into the Galilee Basin State Development Area 13 August 2014

Address to Senate Reef Hearing in Townsville, July 2014

Submission re Red Tape,June 2014

Submission re repeal of the Wild Rivers Act June 2014

Submission on Mining Lease Notification and Objection Initiative Discussion Paper 2014 June 2014

NQCC submission to Senate Inquiry into the Coalition Government’s Direct Action Plan June 2014

NQCC submission on Senate Inquiry into the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Amendment (Bilateral Implementation) Bill 2014 June 2014

NQCC submission on Galilee Basin State Development Area 2014 June 2014

NQCC submission on management of GBR corrected 2014 June 2014

NQCC submission Qld-Cw on Bilateral Approval Agreement EPBC-Act 2014 June 2014

Submission on Objections paper March 2014

NQCC submission in mining on N Stradbroke Is., 24 February 2014

NQCC comment on the Draft Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area Strategic Assessment 2013 January 2014

NQCC submission to Senate Inquiry into DAP January 2014

NQCC response to inquiry into Development of Northern Australia January 2014

NQCC submission on offsets January 2014

NQCC Submission re: Wild Rivers January 2014



NQCC comments on Carmichael Coal Mine Supplementary Environmental Impact Statement December 2013

NQCC submission on Draft Bilateral Agreement between the Commonwealth and the state of Queensland
December 2013

NQCC’s North-East Shipping Management Plan – Invitation to Comment
Attachment to NQCC submission on draft North-East Shipping Management Plan September 2013

NQCC submission on Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area ‘Outstanding Universal Value’ September 2013

NQCC submission on Ecotourism May 2013

NQCC submission to Federal Government on proposed expansion of the Port of Townsville May 2013

NQCC submission on China First/Galilee Coal Project Supplementary Environmental Impact Statement May 2013

NQCC submission on the Abbot Point Stand Alone Jetty Project (Infrastructure Facility of Significance) April 2013

NQCC response to proposed Vegetation Management Framework Amendment Bill 2013 April 2013

NQCC submission on Abbot Point Terminal 0 Environmental Impact Statement April 2013

NQCC submission Major Project Development Assessment Process
March 2013

NQCC submission on the Draft Terms of Reference – Galilee Basin Power Station February 2013

NQCC response to Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Environmental Impact Statement February 2013



NQCC submission on Nature Conservation and other Legislation Amendment Bill December 2012

Stacking the numbers- the reality of the Uranium industry November 2012

NQCC submission on Great Barrier Reef Ports Strategy November 2012

NQCC submission on Great Keppel Island resort plan September 2012

NQCC submission on preliminary documentation prepared for Terminal 3 project at Abbot Point July 2012

NQCC submission on Abbot Point Draft Public Environmental Report Guidelines May 2012

NQCC submission regarding Dudgeon Point Draft Environmental Impact Statement guidelines May 2012

NQCC comments on Metcoal guidelines April 2012 This submission comments on draft guidelines of the EIS Abbot Point Coal Terminal 2.

NQCC comments on Waratah Coal draft Environmental Impact Assessment guidelines April 2012

NQCC submission on Waratah Coal – Environmental Protection Biodiversity Conservation Act January 2012

NQCC submission regarding South of the Embley – Bauxite Mine and Port project January 2012