Townsville Community Alliance

Townsville Listening Launch

50 people from across our community attended Townsville's Listening Launch on 3 May 2023.

A New Alliance for the Common Good in Townsville


The Townsville Team of the Queensland Community Alliance is made up of local member organisations across faith, community and unions. Together, we are responding to the pressures facing our community by: suspending judgement, building relationships, investing in people's potential and taking collective action to make real change and inspire further hope. We know that there is no magic bullet to the pressures facing our community, but we do know that it all starts locally. Done well, these practices can reweave the social fabric and build a more respectful, just and sustainable society for Townsville.

At the Townsville Listening Launch in May 2023, 50 people from across 18 local organisations committed to listening to over 400 stories over six weeks. NQCC committed to listening to 20 of these stories.

Why stories?


Stories are the most powerful method of communication. Through stories, we can identify not just which pressures are most widely felt, but also which are most deeply felt. A Listening Campaign is how we share and listen to stories. This builds the foundation for shared public action. 

Sharing stories will help us to:

  • identify and develop local leaders;
  • identify the pressures that are felt widely AND deeply throughout our community; and
  • build solidarity across diversity.


Table Talks


Table Talks are where we share stories within groups, allowing us to build relational power. When you hear a story that resonates with you, this may inspire you to take action on that pressure. Sharing your own story also helps others to identify their own interest in working together - this is why it's important that everyone shares a story. Even if you think your own story isn't powerful, by sharing a part of yourself with others, you are building trust and inviting others to share a part of themselves with you. If you would like a more comprehensive explanation of our listening campaign, check out our Townsville Listening Guide

Keen to get involved?

We will be hosting Table Talks at various times and places, and will post these to our Events page. Everyone is welcome to attend (so invite a friend!) but please do RSVP so that we know who to expect.


What this means to NQCC


For almost fifty years, NQCC has advocated for the protection of North Queensland's environment. We know that people and nature do not exist in separation - they are closely intertwined. This means that if we want to ensure our environment can flourish into the future, we must ensure that our community can, too. We want to be part of the solution.


What comes next?


Following our Listening Campaign, we will begin discernment, research and planning. This is where we come together and ask ourselves, "What stories do we have in common that people really want to act on?"

The aim is to identify those pressures that are felt most widely and deeply, and to identify solutions. Anyone who has shared a story and demonstrated a willingness to act on the pressures they and their community are facing can contribute to this.

The top pressures and potential solutions will then be tested through a second round of listening. Then, we will be ready to take collective action at our Founding Assembly in February 2024. This is where share powerful stories with decision-makers, along with solutions that have been designed and supported by locals and experts. 

Intrigued? Tick the box on this page to express your interest and we'll ensure you are invited to Townsville Community Alliance events!