Week of Action

Action at the Big Townsville Sign

This December, NQCC joined with Move Beyond Coal to carry out three colourful demonstrations around Townsville, as part of a national Week of Action. Supporters braved heatwave conditions to tell Labor we deserve better!

Crystal and Madde hold placards in front of the Bravus building

At the seasonally-decorated Big Townsville Sign, we asked Labor for No New Coal for Christmas, and recognised the role of Aussie coal in bringing us worsening heatwaves... in front of the Bravus (formerly Adani) headquarters across the road.Β 

Pallarenda Beach action

On Thursday afternoon we took our buckets and spades to Pallarenda Beach, where we called upon Labor to stop digging up the future!

Strand action

Finally, on a windy Sunday afternoon at the Strand (with Cyclone Jasper inching closer), we dressed in white as a reminder of the connection between fossil fuels and coral bleaching. Thank you to everyone who turned out to help spread the message! We will continue to keep the pressure on the federal government into 2024, to ensure fossil fuels are completely phased out.


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  • Crystal Falknau