Welcoming the new committee

Our AGM on Monday 19 September drew a good attendance. David Sewell, with an established reputation, did not dissapoint with his portable pizza oven.

Gail Hamilton chaired the first part of the meeting, presented her own presidential report and introduced the Annual Report prepared by Maree Dibella before her departure from the co-ordinator’s role. The usual financial reports were presented and accepted, and Russell Kelly introduced himself to the members before reporting on what he has done in his first two weeks as co-ordinator.

Russell then took the chair for the election, at which Wendy Tubman was appointed, unopposed, to the position of President. Welcome back, and welcome to your new role, Wendy!

Heather Laurie replaced Amy Lamb in the Secretary’s role, Peter Hanley retained his position as Vice-president and was joined in it by Lindy Collins (we normally have two VPs, although we’ve had only one for a while). Cam Leitch was elected as an ordinary committee member and Malcolm Tattersall continued in the same position. 

There are still vacancies for ordinary committee members, since we can have as many as five. Under our Constitution such casual vacancies can be filled at any time, so please speak to Russell or any committee member if you would like to make a bigger contribution to NQCC’s management. 

After the election we broke for informal discussion (and more pizza) which gave Russell, the new committee and general members a chance to share news and opinions about all sorts of environmental topics - the Port Expansion, Ben Lomond, new housing estates, the stadium and the dire state of our water supply amongst them. 

We thank Gail and Amy for their contributions to NQCC over the past year - particularly Gail, who took on the day-to-day running of the office in the period between co-ordinators. We also thank others who volunteered their time and skills either regularly (like Sophie, who maintains the garden, and Malcolm, Wade, Justin and Shannon on the IT side) or on particular occasions (like David Sewell). Thanks also to all who made this evening such a success, whether by helping out or merely by positive participation. 

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