Burdekin Basin Campaign: Media

This section contains photos, maps, and links to videos that illustrate the intrinsic environmental value of the Burdekin Basin and the emerging impacts on these. These include a selection of press clippings and links to articles commenting on these issues.

Letters & Articles (newest to oldest)

Regional Water Assessment Announced for Burdekin Basin, Blair Jackson, Townsville Bulletin, 18 May 2023

Townsville Bulletin article 18 May 2023

Water experts warn "big picture" is needed in Burdekin, Daneka Hill, Townsville Bulletin, 2 March 2023

Burdekin River with David Cassells in inset


Bradfield bid unviable TB

Burdekin Basin Water Plan review to commence, Townsville Bulletin

Hells Gates Dam deemed 'too risky' headline

"Hells Gates Dam deemed 'too risky'", Tony Raggatt, Townsville Bulletin, 7 November 2022

"Federal budget sets up Murray-Darling Basin showdown", Lucy Barbour and Kath Sullivan, ABC, 26 October 2022

"Concerns raised on potential scrapping", Katie Hall, Townsville Bulletin, 19 October 2022 

"Water scheme beloved by the Nationals would pump $20 billion down the drain", Mike Foley, SMH, 17 September 2022

"Chief scientist asked to intervene as coastal erosion 'disaster' worsens near Townsville", Chloe Chomicki, ABC, 16 August 2022

Sand pushed into mangrove habitat on Cape Bowling Green

"Cape needs our protection now, says oceanographer", Andrew Kacimaiwai, Burdekin Local News, 15 August 2022

Burdekin Newspaper clipping 15 Aug 2022

"Spotlight on Region's Dam Issue", John Andersen, Townsville Bulletin, 17 July 2022

Spotlight on region's dam issue

"Hells Gates Dam in north Queensland likely to be delayed as Labor signals more consultation needed", Jade Toomey, ABC North Qld, Tuesday 24 May 2022

"Joyce Promises $3.3m for Ayr Estate", Satria Dyer-Darmawan, Townsville Bulletin, 5 May 2022

Townsville Bulletin 5 May 2022

Letter to the Editor, Peter Hanley, Townsville Bulletin, 5 May 2022

Letter to the editor 5 May 2022

AUDIO: "Water experts warn of expensive North Qld dam", ABC, Wednesday 4 May 2022

"Why Barnaby Joyce's 'gift' to farmers of a $5.4bn dam could create the 'most expensive water' in Australia", Eliza Borrello & Jade Toomey, ABC, Wednesday 4 May 2022

"Viability of Hells Gates Dam project questioned", Tony Raggatt, Townsville Bulletin, 22 April 2022

TB 22 April 2022

"Morrison government’s $7.4bn in dam commitments could be ‘biggest pork barrel in history’", Ben Smee, The Guardian, Thursday 21 April 2022

"Labor and KAP challenge LNP on Hells Gates Dam commitment", Tony Raggatt, Townsville Bulletin, 13 April 2022

"Hells Gates Funding: Prime Minister has jumped the gun - Mayor McLaughlin", Rebecca Harris, Burdekin Local News, Thursday 31 March 2022

Burdekin Local News 1 of 2

Burdekin Local News 2 of 2

"Morrison government committed $5.9bn for dams without advice from water infrastructure board", Ben Smee, The Guardian, Thursday 24 March 2022

"Hells Gates Dam receives $5.4bn funding to unlock northern agriculture", Jade Toomey, ABC North Qld, 23 March 2022

Letter to the Editor, John Connell, Townsville Bulletin, Thursday 6 August 2020

Dam Economics

Letter to the Editor, John Connell, Townsville Bulletin, Monday 27 July 2020

Study Flawed