How Local Governments Can Help the Environment!

This year is a big one for voters starting out with the Local Government Elections on Saturday the 28th March 2020. All local councils in Queensland are having elections on this day as people cast their votes at polling booths. NQCC's region includes ten diverse local government areas from coastal to dry inland regions towards the Northern Territory border.  In Townsville at least, we have started meeting Local Councillors to discuss priority issues for our organisation: 1) the protection of flying foxes, 2) conservation of our precious water resources to prevent the building of new dams and 3) helping Townsville and North Queensland become a carbon-neutral community.


Just as this is an important time for NQCC to engage Councillors, it is also your chance to do the same!  No matter where you are, your local representatives do not hear enough from their constituents about environmental matters.  When considering which matters you want to raise with them,  have a look at what your council is already doing, check out the list below and choose your top three priorities.  Then you will be ready to make an appointment with your Local Councillor for a meeting.  Also, take up any opportunity to speak with them when they are out and about attending community events. 

Some of the areas of responsibility of Local Governments that impact on the environment are here in this list to give you some ideas:

  • Reducing greenhouse emissions – council operations, supporting & reducing landfill emissions 
  • Town planning - mitigating the impacts of flooding, cyclones and sea level rise
  • Community education - sustainability, climate change and water/energy efficiency for homes & businesses 
  • Water efficiency programs - reduce the need for new dams!
  • Renewable energy hubs - supporting sustainable industries that are located in appropriate locations
  • Zero-waste Council events 
  • Protect marine environments - reducing rubbish, sewerage, and contaminated run-off from entering the Great Barrier Reef
  • Pet management - keeping wildlife safe 
  • Flying Fox roost management - helping animals cope with hotter days, not clearing their habitat and not trying to disperse them
  • Sustainable transport infrastructure - make public transport, cycling and walking easier and safer 

Let us know how you go in your meetings!


Additional information: some local government boundaries are changing and for the TCC boundary changes, go here and for a list of TCC Councillors go here.  


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