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We had the great pleasure to be part of this year's Eco Fiesta at Anderson Gardens. What a beautiful place and what a great community event.
Together with our amazing volunteers we spoke to almost a hundred people about our two major campaigns this year: Nature & Renewables and Heat & Hazards.

We are happy to report that lots of community members support a renewable energy transition but some also have environmental concerns. Often, people feel like they are missing knowledge about the transition, especially about proposed changes here in North Queensland. We had conversations about these concerns and we were happy to inform about the already existing solutions.

We also spoke to people about the impacts of increasing weather extremes in the region. We are grateful for everyone, who trusted us with their valuable stories. There is widespread concern about future events and the impacts on us or our children. That's why together with other conservation groups NQCC is advocating for a variety of solutions to make our local communities more climate resilient. One of these pillars is to facilitate 'Story Circles'.Β The Story Circle Project invites local community members to share their stories and experiences of North Queensland's weather extremes - from flooding to heatwaves, and the ways our lives are impacted by these events. These stories will help us to advocate for solutions and strengthen supportive networks within the community.
NQCC's Community Campaigner Luna Prince says: "It is so important to just have these conversations, whether it is about the Energy Transition or the threat of Climate Change. We may not all agree on how to move forward but we can only work it out together."

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