NQCC Trivia 2023

NQCC Trivia sign

On Saturday 18th November 2023, NQCC held our famous annual Trivia Night fundraiser, and as usual, it was a blast!

Nine teams converged on the Belgian Gardens Senior Citizens Welfare Association hall, with laughs at the ready and pockets full of cash.

The City Watch

The City Watch came prepared with their own printouts for their team sign. Thankfully, Malcolm wasn't this shy all night!

The Heart Starters

Is there a doctor in the house? Why yes! The Heart Starters also featured a bit of a heart stopper as their front man.

Quollity Surrounds

Quollity Surrounds - keen on puns AND cute marsupials! So are we. #WildlifeSurrounds

Let's Get Quizzical

Let's Get Quizzical! If only they'd come dressed as Olivia Newton-John...

Here for the $5 Beers

Some teams were here for the Trivia, some for the social outing... This team was Here for the $5 Beers!


K'gari - they wanted to be Ian Frazer's team, but thought the name should be brought in line with the times...

Tired but Wired

Tired but Wired. Yep - we know the feeling! 

The Orphans

The Orphans... can't wrangle a team? We'll make sure you have friends!

The Suppositories of Wisdom

The Suppositories of Wisdom were keen to keep their place on the NQCC Trivia Plaque!

Bribe takers

Eric and Angela were our bribe-takers for the evening, accepting cold hard cash in exchange for correct answers!

Scorers at work

The questions were as tough as ever, thanks to our Quizmaster, David McMillan. This year's themes included Mountains (did you notice the hint on our flyer?), Protests, ARIA Hall of Famers and Physics. 

Madde with the money

The money was in good hands, with Trivia volunteer and NQCC Treasurer Madde happily taking stock!

Drawing the raffle

When the questions were through, it was time to draw the raffle! 

Chris with Kissing Chickens deodorant Chris with Mary Who book voucher

Chris took home a beautiful supply of Kissing Chickens Deodorant AND a Mary Who? Bookshop voucher!

David with Cooler Cleaning voucher

David will be the coolest guy around (as if he wasn't already) with a voucher for an aircon clean from Cooler Cleaning!

Sophie with reusables from Made by Fressko

Sophie took away a new high quality water bottle and coffee cup from Made by Fressko. Maybe she'll share with John. Maybe she won't.

Josh with reusable containers

We think Josh really loves his new Australian made reusable food containers by Replated, but when your wife is the photographer, attitude is a must.

Glenda with PB&J voucher

Glenda was the envy of those of us with a sweet tooth, taking away a voucher for PB & J's Donuts!

Natalie with Lambert's voucher

Natalie wasn't at Trivia to accept her Lambert's Fresh Produce voucher, but was very happy to pose with a photo when it was delivered. 

Toilet paper prize

After the raffle, the scoring was complete and the results were in! In one of our favourite traditions, the losing team (Tired but Wired, in this case) were gifted some sustainable loo rolls. They were surprisingly excited! Times really are tough...

The Suppository of Wisdom

The Suppository of Wisdom took out first place, adding generously to NQCC's coffers with those bribes and maintaining their winning streak on our newly refurbished Trivia plaque!

Thank you to everyone who supported the event, particularly the following volunteers:

Manuela Andreatta

Stuti Govil

Madde Price

David McMillan

Tamara Inkster-Draper

Sandra Croaker

Chris Pam

Angela Egan-Santo

Eric Santo

And the following businesses who sponsored our fundraising raffle:

Wildlife Surrounds

Made By Fressko

Cooler Cleaning

Kissing Chickens


Lambert's Fresh Produce

Mary Who? Bookshop

Coffee Presto

PB & J's Donuts


We can't wait for next year!

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