Townsville to Benefit as a Local Renewable Energy Zone

Townsville to slash emissions and costs as a local renewable energy zone

NQCC welcomes today's announcement by the Queensland Government that Townsville has been selected as a Local Renewable Energy Zone. Minister for Energy and Clean Energy Jobs Mick de Brenni was in Townsville today to announce an investment of $40 million, helping to reduce emissions and electricity costs for households.

The pilot project will allow excess solar energy generated by rooftops to provide power to nearly 550 residential and commercial sites, starting from January 2025.

NQCC Coordinator Crystal Falknau says:

"With so much sunshine, it's no wonder Townsville has long been a leader in rooftop solar. But many households are still locked out of opportunities to tap into this clean, cost-saving power source.

"This investment in battery storage will allow the clean energy generated by rooftop solar to be stored during the day and distributed through the network when needed during the evening. This will help reduce emissions AND power bills.Β 

"We know that renewable energy is playing an increasingly important role in our energy mix, and it's great to see community-level projects like this Local Renewable Energy Zone delivering real benefits for our climate and community."

Read the Ministerial Media Statement here.Β 



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  • Crystal Falknau