Water Security and Dams

This contains reports on the water security for Townsville and on dam operation and stability, in particular for Burdekin Falls and Paradise Dams.

Burdekin Falls Dam – Testing the Boundary of Hydrology. 8 pages (2009)
Authors: Ayre, B., Gillespie, S. 
Link: https://www.ancold.org.au/?product=2009-burdekin-falls-dam-testing-the-boundary-of-hydrology
[NOTE: technical paper describing weaknesses in BFD design and need for the Dam Improvement Project]

Burdekin Falls – Dam Improvement Project
Author: SunWater

Paradise dam – Commission of inquiry - Report. (572 pages) April 2020
Author: Queensland Government: DNRME
Link: https://paradisedaminquiry.qld.gov.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/PDCOI-Report-April-2020_Web-accessible.pdf

Townsville water security – final report. 20 pages (2018)
Authors: Brad Webb, chair: Townsville Water Security Task Force
Link: https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/ehq-production-australia/f66726f0fc1aeaac9d30886908766e3bde1b786c/documents/attachments/000/091/919/original/TWST_Final_Report_LOW_RES_-_30.09.2018.pdf?1541629347

Stage 2 Haughton Pipeline Project - detailed business case. 240 pages (2019)
Authors: Jacobs for Dept of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities
Link: https://www.infrastructure.gov.au/cities/city-deals/townsville/files/final-stage-2-haughton-pipeline-dbc.pdf