2021 AGM

Some AGM attendees

On Wednesday 29 September we held our backyard AGM, which was a great opportunity to catch up with our members and share some updates about our organisation and our work. We also tabled our Annual Report and elected a new Management Committee. 

Peter provided an overview of the achievements of the organisation over the past 12-18 months and Crystal presented an update on all current campaigns, along with some vision for these and potential focus areas for the near future. She also provided an update on Tiff's achievements and work, reminding attendees not to miss the upcoming Postcard Art Auction, on which Tiff has dedicated much time and energy.

We then tabled our Annual Report, which we hope you enjoy browsing through. David McMillan was congratulated and formally acknowledged for his visual design work on this publication. 

The Annual Financial Reports were presented by Cam Leitch and some minor amendments to NQCC's Rules of Association (sent to members prior to the AGM) were accepted by the membership. 

Peter Hanley chose not to re-nominate for the role of President at the AGM, after more than two years in the position. Instead, he nominated to stay on the Committee in the role of Secretary - a notoriously difficult role to fill. He was formally thanked for his "calmness, goodwill and common sense" during his time as NQCC President. 

Chris Pam's nomination for President was uncontested and supported by all. Matt Garbutt joined Alastair Birtles as our second Vice President and Andrea Ubillus joined the Committee as Treasurer. Linda Davis, John Connell, Cam Leitch and Tom O'Grady opted to stay on as Ordinary Committee Members.

NQCC Management Committee 2021/22:

President: Chris Pam
Vice Presidents: Alastair Birtles and Matthew Garbutt
Secretary: Peter Hanley
Treasurer: Andrea Ubillus 
Ordinary Members: Linda Davis, John Connell, Cam Leitch and Tom O'Grady

We are confident that there is a strong team driving the compliance, stability and strategic direction of NQCC over the next twelve months.

Thank you to all who attended or reached out to us with your apologies or proxies. We'd also like to thank KD's Vegan Takeaway and Kissing Chickens for donating lovely prizes towards our fundraising raffle - we appreciate your support!

Some more AGM attendees

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