Paperbark August 2020

August has certainly had its ups and downs as far as the environment is concerned. Here's a quick recap of what has happened this month:

The 22nd of August was World Overshoot Day - that is, the date when humanity will have used "all the biological resources that Earth can renew during the entire year". 

Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners delivered Adani an eviction notice and are standing their ground to enforce the eviction, while a second major Korean brokerage announced it would be withdrawing financial backing from Adani's coal projects. 17 global insurers have refused to work on the Carmichael project already, but British firm Aon is brokering a last ditch effort to insure the project. You can tell Aon what you think of this decision by signing this petition or sending this electronic letter.

Into some more positive news, we were excited by the announcement by the Queensland Government regarding their three Renewable Energy Corridors. You can read more about what benefits this announcement has for Queensland in QCC's media release

Other great things that have come out this month include Radio National's "Rear Vision" radio excerpt entitled "Threat of extinction - how Australia's environment law failed" and the ABC's engaging new series, Fight for Planet A (featuring Craig Reucassel - the guy from "The Chaser", "War on Waste" and "EcoFiesta 2019").

Craig Reucassel at Ecofiesta

Jealous, anyone?

In this edition:

  • NQCC News:
    • State Election Campaigning - volunteers wanted!
    • Membership Drive Update
    • 2020 AGM announcement: Wed 30 September
    • Green Drinks 
    • iMac for Sale
  • Online Activism Opportunities:
    • QCA Civic Academy online
    • North Queensland Waste Strategy
    • Our Islands, Our Home
    • Power Up Queensland
    • Reef 2050 Review
  • Local Activities:
    • A Walk on the West Side with MINCA 


Cotters Market stall

State Election Campaign Update

The Queensland election is just around the corner. Sadly, environment issues are completely off the radar. The only local organisation that will be speaking directly to environmental issues during this campaign will be NQCC.

While Labor, LNP, Katter and Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party argue about whose version of the Bradfield Scheme is the best, important environmental issues such as Climate Change and the commercialisation of National Parks are being completely ignored. Our environment and communities deserve better.

We are all aware of the political landscape of North Queensland, which is why NQCC has developed projects such as Climate Conversations, to reshape how climate change and other environmental issues are discussed in our community. One of the best things we can do is have conversations about how important our environment is with our friends, neighbours and the wider community.

During the election campaign we will be running a series of events, attending local markets and producing online content. We would love your help during our campaign! You can sign up on our website (via the button below) or join our Volunteering Facebook Group for opportunities and updates!

- Simon Cheers, Campaigns Manager

Zoom launch screenshot

Earlier this month we held a Zoom Campaign Launch for members, to share our plans for the next few months. Thank you to all those who attended and engaged with questions, suggestions, feedback and encouragement - it really means a lot to bring you along with us! If you couldn't make it to the launch, don't worry - we'll be keeping you updated via email and social media, and if you want to get involved, you can contact us anytime!

Mary Who books

Membership Drive

We are heading into your last month to get as many member referrals as possible to win a $50 Mary Who? Bookshop voucher! Winners will be announced at our AGM!

Thank you to everyone who has joined for the first time, renewed or referred a friend. Every member makes a difference!

Questions? Queries? Ideas? Email Crystal: [email protected].

AGM banner

2020 Annual General Meeting

We invite you to join us in celebrating our achievements and activities of a year gone by, as we look forward to an exciting year ahead!

We will be holding our AGM in our beautiful backyard at 114 Boundary St, Railway Estate from 6pm Wednesday 30 September. Please reserve the date on your calendar! More information will be emailed to our members closer to the date.

If you are not a current member, you are welcome to attend but will not be eligible to vote.

Green Drinks collage

Green Drinks

Green Drinks is an informal, monthly social event for people who care about conservation, sustainability and all things environmental! It is an opportunity for networking, creativity and thought-sharing on environmental issues and solutions. Green Drinks are agenda-free, non-politically aligned and everyone is welcome!

Join us anytime from 6pm onwards on Friday the 11th of September at The Commonwealth Hotel in South Townsville. You can learn more about the venue on their Facebook page.

Whether you're new to the environmental movement, new to town, or simply looking for opportunities to make friends, this is a great event to come together with like-minded people! 

iMac for sale

iMac for sale! 

One of our long serving iMacs needs a new loving home. We have recently updated this computer and are now offering it for sale!

All the tech info:

21.5 inch 2013 iMac

Processor: 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory: 16GB
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512MB
Hard Drive: 500GB

Price: $500

This computer would be excellent for a student or for someone who uses word processing or internet based applications.

Interested? Email Simon at [email protected].

Online Activism Opportunities

QCA logo

Qld Community Alliance Maroonprint

Are you concerned about what will happen in Queensland post-covid? If you are, consider supporting the Queensland Community Alliance (QCA) in the lead-up to the State election on 31 October.

On Monday 14 September, more than 1000 Queenslanders representing civil society in Queensland will come together at an online assembly which will be attended by State Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington.

NQCC President Peter Hanley attended the assembly in June when 300 Queenslanders met with Deb Frecklington to hear her first response to the "Maroonprint" for Queensland reconstruction post-covid. Deb Frecklington was suitably impressed by the turnout and it was an empowering experience for those who took part. The 14 September Assembly is not to be missed! For more information about the Maroonprint and the Alliance, refer to the QCA website.

Peter has been representing NQCC on a group that has been meeting in Townsville in the lead-up to the next Assembly. He has committed to bringing ten people along to the Assembly on 14 September. More detail will be posted onto the QCA website as they are confirmed. If you are interested and would like to be updated, please email Peter ([email protected]).

NQ Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy

North Queensland Waste Strategy

North Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils (NQROC) welcomes you to participate and have your say on the North Queensland Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy 2020-2030. Your feedback will contribute to shaping the final version of the Strategy ahead of formal endorsement and adoption.

Community Consultation will conclude on Friday, 18 September 2020.

Our Islands, Our Home

Our Islands, Our Home

Just over a year ago, a group of Torres Strait Islanders lodged a complaint with the United Nations against the Morrison government for failing to take adequate action to address climate change (including mitigation and adaptation), thus threatening the human rights of Torres Strait Islanders who are impacted directly by rising sea levels.

Now, the Morrison government has asked the human rights committee of the UN to dismiss the claim. To show your support for this landmark climate justice case, you can add your name to a petition calling upon parliamentarians to protect the right of Torres Strait Islanders to their island homes.

Power Up Queensland

Let's Power-Up Queensland!

Do you want to power-up Queensland with renewable energy from the sun, wind and water and make it the real sunshine state? Queensland Conservation Council (QCC) is calling on all political parties to take three key actions:

1. Rule out any new coal-fired power stations in Queensland
2. Develop a plan to shift away from polluting coal power 
3. Power-up Queensland with clean renewable energy

Queenslanders should be able to look forward to a safe and prosperous future, where coal stations are replaced by clean renewable energy. Do you agree?

Reef 2050

Reef 2050 Plan Review

The Australian and Queensland governments are reviewing the Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan, also known as the Reef 2050 Plan. This plan is Australia’s long-term strategy to protect and manage the Great Barrier Reef.

The plan sets clear actions, management goals, objectives and outcomes. These drive and guide the short, medium and long-term management of the reef. They are seeking your views on the updated Reef 2050 Plan to ensure it contains the right priorities and actions to support the health and resilience of the Great Barrier Reef.

To submit your feedback, login or create an account and complete the online form before midnight on Wednesday 30 September

Local Activities

Citiwater pump station

A Walk on the West Side

Magnetic Island Nature Care Association (MINCA) invites you to the beautiful West Coast of Magnetic Island for an informative bushwalk. You will hear from ecological experts including MINCA President and Island bird-watching guru Gethin Morgan, Christine Corbett and Sue and Leon Zann, who lived on the West Coast in the late 1970s and who bring yarns of simpler, wilder life alongside fascinating environmental knowledge.

The walk will pass right through the centre of MINCA's Bolger Bay Conservation Park. The walk begins at 8am where the bitumen ends on the West Point Road adjacent to the Citiwater pump station (see photo above). The return journey is approximately 8km and is an easy walk on a dirt track with one small hill. The walk is expected to finish between 11.30am and noon. The Walk on the West Side is free.

What: Nature walk hosted by MINCA
When: 8am - noon Sunday 6 September
Where: Meet where the bitumen ends on the West Point Road adjacent to the Citiwater pump station


Thank you so much for your support, in any and every form that takes!

Yours naturally,

Crystal, Simon and the team at NQCC

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