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Environmental news can feel pretty heavy sometimes, so we're going to try and keep Paperbark positive this month!

To start with, here are some stats we think you might like...

  • More than 8,400 solar panels have been installed at Townsville state schools (Qld Government media statements), furthering an initiative that has been pushed for and supported by conservation and climate groups for many years.
  • According to a new survey, 85% of Townsville residents either support or strongly support our region becoming a hub for renewable-powered industry and manufacturing (Solar Citizens). 
  • Operation Habitat Auto has removed a whopping 18.71 tonnes of illegally dumped rubbish from the Port Access Reserve so far (learn more about the project). 

We hope you enjoy this month's edition of Paperbark!

In this edition:

  • NQCC Updates:
    • Local media for our flying foxes
    • Submissions
    • Green Drinks
    • Farewell, Matt
  • Calls to Action:
    • Cut Emissions, Create Jobs (QCC petition)
    • Move Beyond Coal online launch party
  • Other Opportunities:
    • Planet Conscious Townsville Event
    • Support other local environmental groups 
  • Get Behind Us
    • Become a monthly donor!
    • Give us your vote at Grill'd
    • Buy a t-shirt!


Local Media


Crystal speaking to Channel 7 News

Last week we spoke to 7 News in response to Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto's comments that flying foxes are a pest that aren't wanted in our cities or towns.

Our message is below:

🦇Flying-foxes are critical for sustaining our ecosystems and are protected by law.
🦇Urban sprawl and habitat destruction will continue to force them into urban areas. Habitat restoration will help to ensure that they have more roosting options.
🦇Here in NQ, we coexist with a wide range of native species - it's part of what makes our region so special! Education, awareness and good planning are important.
🦇The report on Flying Fox Roost Management Reform by the Environmental Defenders Office and CAFNEC is a great resource for policy-makers. We recommend that Nick Dametto MP give it a read so that we're not having the same conversation every year.



The past few weeks have seen us make some individual and joint submissions (summaries below). All of our submissions are also available in full on our website.

Climate Change Bill 2022 - response to the Australian Government's emissions reductions targets (43% reduction on 2005 levels by 2030 and net zero by 2050).

These targets must be ratcheted up quickly to limit warming to 1.5 degrees, and no new fossil fuel projects can proceed if we are to reach net zero by 2050. Emission from Australia's fossil fuel exports should be considered in our targets, and the EPBC Act contain a climate trigger, to ensure that climate change impacts on any new fossil fuel projects are assessed.

The Senate Standing on Environment and Communication is due to report back on the Climate Bill in the next few days.

Joint Submission on Draft 2022 Reef Wetland Strategy - submitted by Qld Conservation Council on behalf of NQCC and Mackay Conservation Group

Recommendations were made to the following themes:

  • Improving wetlands information for decision making and action
  • Wetland planning
  • On-ground activities to protect, manage and rehabilitate wetlands
  • Engagement, education, communication and capacity building
  • Monitoring, evaluation, reporting and improvement

Submission to Clive Palmer's Central Queensland Coal Project

Federal Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek has proposed blocking this project on environmental grounds (more on that here). We support the rejection of the project, as it would threaten crucial habitats, breeding sites, surface water and groundwater, contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and threaten the Great Barrier Reef and many other species and ecosystems that are threatened by climate change.

Green Drinks @ Smugglers


Green Drinks at Smugglers

Thank you to everyone who braved the drizzly weather last Saturday evening to join as at Smugglers Wine Bar in Nelly Bay. We enjoyed delicious dosa, delectable drinks and delightful company!

As George Hirst put it... 

"... If you don't know about Green Drinks it's a monthly chance to catch up and actually relax and socialise with people you tend to see in meetings or marches when everything is too rushed to have a nice chat. It's where environmentally-minded people can gather and meet peeps with similar interests, cross pollinate, hatch ideas and actions or just have a good laugh."

We will be returning to Grill'd in South Townsville next month, where we'll have a jar in their Local Matters initiative. This gives us the chance to receive $300 or $100, depending on how many "votes" we get from their customers! Keep an eye on your inbox (check that you're subscribed here) or Facebook for updates.

Farewell, Matt


Matt at JCU market day with our National Parks postcard

Having completed his Bachelor of Environmental Practice at JCU, Matt Garbutt (pictured on the left) has relocated to Brisbane to begin what we hope will be an exciting career!

We would like to acknowledge the contributions he has made to NQCC over the past few years, both as an enthusiastic volunteer and a supportive member of the Management Committee. 

His energy and outlook will be missed, but we are very happy to see him follow his dreams and wish him all the best with his future endeavours.


Petition: Cut Emissions, Create 87,000 New Jobs for Qld


Climate Action Now

A new landmark report outlines how Queensland CAN cut climate pollution by 60% before 2030 and create 87,000 climate solution jobs around the state.

We’re taking this expert roadmap to our elected representatives and calling on them to join us.

Our state is the biggest contributor to climate impacts, producing 32% of Australia’s emissions. Our communities and ecosystems are already facing devastating impacts from climate-induced disasters like droughts, flooding and coral bleaching.

Queensland has a lot at stake when it comes to climate impacts, but if we make the right choices, we also have a lot to gain. That’s why we need Queenslanders to help build the pressure on our decision makers by signing the petition.

"Move Beyond Coal" Launch Party

What: an evening of music, stories, art and community connection
Where: online, via Zoom
When: 6-7.30pm Thursday 22 September


Planet Conscious Townsville


Planet-Conscious Townsville is back for another evening on Friday 7th October, where they will be exploring the theme Thinking in Circles. You will hear from a panel of organisations who are implementing circular principles and encouraging the reuse and repurposing of products. There will also be plenty of time to network with other planet-conscious individuals! Visit their event page for more details or grab your tickets here.

There are plenty of ways to get involved or show your support for local groups doing great work for conservation! Simply visit our website for a list of groups we think you should get behind - from helping out at local Landcare sites or beach clean ups to simply giving a "like" or a "follow" on social media to our humble wildlife carers - your support can make a difference!


Become a Monthly Donor!


Your monthly donation can give NQCC the financial confidence and security to continue working for Climate Action and North Queensland's natural environment long into the future. Set up your monthly donation here. Donations via direct deposit are also welcome! Please email [email protected] and we will send you the necessary details.

Give Us Your Vote at Grill'd!


Local matters banner

We've been selected to be on a Local Matters jar at Grill'd in South Townsville for the month of September! This initiative awards participating community groups either $100 or $300 according to popular vote. Why not treat yourself to a burger this month and drop a token in our jar? 

We'll also be gathering there for September Green Drinks, so make sure you keep an eye out for updates so you can join us!

Buy a t-shirt!


You can say a lot with a t-shirt! Visit our online shop or contact Tiff to get your hands on one and help us share the message that North Queenslanders want climate action now! 

Thank you for helping us stand up for our climate and nature. Your support means the earth to us.

Yours naturally,

Crystal and Tiff
North Queensland Conservation Council


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