Paperbark December 2019

With 2019 almost at an end, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for being a part of our movement to protect our environment here in North Queensland!

This year, thanks to your support, we've achieved some rather remarkable things! Here is a quick look back at NQCC's activities and achievements in 2019:

  • We've made submissions on the following:
    • The Mineral Resources (Galillee Basin) Amendment Bill
    • The EPBC Referral - Flying Fox deterrent
    • The Queensland Environmental Offsets Framework
    • Mackay Tourism's Wallaby Sunrise Tours at Cape Hillsborough Beach
    • The North Queensland Country Club Resort and Equestrian Centre at Toolakea Beach
    • The North Queensland Regional Plan
  • We've been vocal about climate change, supporting the Strikes for Climate and hosting a Climate Concert as part of Queensland's Climate Week, as well as advocating for better climate change engagement in our region from policy-makers
  • We've grown our campaign to #SaveOurNationalParks with demonstrations, media events, market stalls, petitions and postcards
  • We've worked hard to keep our environment at the forefront of peoples' minds, with attendance at a wide range of community events

In this edition:

  • Boomerang Bags volunteer opportunity
  • Ministerial Environment Roundtable 
  • Let Queensland's Tourism Minister know what you want for Christmas
  • Cranky Curlews have your last-minute Christmas shopping sorted!

Boomerang Bags Coordinator Wanted!

You may have seen some bright and cheery cloth bags like the ones pictured here getting around town. These are Boomerang Bags - handmade by volunteers using pre-loved fabric and sold at various locations to help cover expenses. "Boomerang Bags" is a global grassroots movement to connect and empower local communities to tackle plastic pollution at its source. It also encourages networking, social interaction and skills sharing between community members.

Boomerang bags

In Townsville, Boomerang Bags began as an NQCC activity, organised by our coordinator at the time Maree Dibella. Over time, the coordination of Boomerang Bags was handed over to long time NQCC volunteer Jeanie Adams, who was very successful in this role, maintaining connections with NQCC while holding sewing sessions at a more appropriate venue. Recently, Jeanie and her family have relocated interstate and other long term members Julia Hazel and Sue O'Brien are unable to take on the coordinator role at this time. We hope to find a new coordinator and have Boomerang Bags continue, as an affiliated group with NQCC.

If you think you could be the person to fill this role, we'd love to hear from you! Please email Peter Hanley ([email protected]) to express your interest.

Learn more about Boomerang Bags

Ministerial Environment Round Table

In Brisbane earlier this month, Tarquin attended the final Ministerial Environment Round Table Meeting for the year. These meetings are attended by seven regional councils, SEQ groups and several state-based environmental organisations such as The Wilderness Society and Environmental Defenders Office.  In meetings with the Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch, NQCC advocated for three issues – National Parks, flying foxes and climate change. Our request was granted for more consistent and regular engagement with the department on changes to National Parks relating to private leases starting with a meeting early in the new year.  

We joined CAFNEC in raising concerns about flying fox roost dispersal, drawing attention to the Townsville City Council’s dispersal this year occurring during breeding season, causing flying fox young to be abandoned in trees. Currently the Queensland Government’s flying fox roost management framework is being reviewed with input from submissions by Queensland conservation organisations. 

Finally, we advocated for increased public engagement on zero-carbon transitions to highlight the importance of collective action on climate change as a community. The conservation groups present worked well as a cohesive sector and came away from the meetings with some satisfying outcomes.

Send Your Regards to the Tourism Minister

Have you forgotten anyone on your Christmas card list? Perhaps you haven’t yet sent one to Queensland’s Tourism Minister Kate Jones to tell her all you want this Christmas is no leases in National Parks!

Mail your your Christmas cards to: 

Tourism Minister Kate Jones
PO Box 15168

...Or take a photo like the one above with your message and send it to her via email ([email protected]) or on her Facebook page!

A Message from Cranky Curlew Productions

Looking for an extra special last-minute present for someone this Christmas? These highly collectable and historically relevant Black-throated Finch earrings were designed and hand painted by Cranky Curlew on Magnetic Island. They come as part of a limited edition of under 100 pairs with sterling silver findings in a little bush box.

At $88 per pair (plus postage), this a beautiful opportunity to support the struggle against Adani with earrings that are wearable anywhere. $40 from the sale of each set will go to a very significant organisation involved in the struggle to #StopAdani. Message Cranky Curlew Productions via Facebook with your email address and they can invoice you for a credit card payment or direct deposit and organise express post or Magnetic Island delivery.

Contact Cranky Curlews

Wrapping it Up

2019 has been a year of drought, bushfires and floods, sending numerous weather records tumbling. Here at NQCC, we recognise that climate change is affecting all of our lives, and our window of opportunity for action is closing.

In these dire times, it is important that we reflect on the positive outcomes of the hard work and advocacy of so many passionate individuals and organisations.

The good news from 2019:

  • Queensland celebrated its first 12 months with a Container Deposit Scheme, in which time one billion containers were recycled
  • Plastic bags are banned throughout Queensland - and single use utensils might be next!
  • Reef regulations were approved to reduce runoff into catchments and improve water quality
  • The Black Throated Finch, threatened by Adani's coal mine, won the Guardian's Bird of the Year by popular vote
  • Students continued to strike for climate action, and were joined by other community members in massive displays of support
  • Greta Thunberg, who inspired the climate strikes, was named Time Magazine's Person of the Year
  • From July to September, wind and solar generated more power in Australia than brown coal
  • Sharks found using drum lines within the GBRWHA are to be tagged and released or relocated, not senselessly culled

Plus much, much more! If you have any great environment news stories to share, do so on our Facebook page or get in touch with us!

For a range of good news stories to come out of this year, covering ecology, equality, sustainability and animal rights, check out this article by Bored Panda. Approximately half of the good news stories mentioned relate directly to the environment (a testament to its impact on our day-to-day lives).

Thank You!!

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to the work and activities of NQCC in 2019! We wouldn't be what we are without your support! To our selfless volunteers, generous donors, loyal members and our passionate supporters - we are truly grateful. We look forward to showing you what we've got in 2020, as we continue to be champions of our beloved environment!

Wishing you all the very best,

The team at NQCC
(North Queensland Conservation Council)

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