Swim For Our Rivers FAQ

In 2021, we're ready to put some real pressure on policy-makers to protect North Queensland's rivers, including the iconic Burdekin River.

To kickstart this campaign, we need your help to raise some funds! We are asking our supporters to join a fundraising team and ask your friends and family to donate via our Chuffed.org page. Then, to wrap it all up, your team will participate in a whimsical swim-a-thon on Saturday 20 March at Kokoda Memorial Pool in Mundingburra.

Undecided about starting a team? Not sure what's involved? We've answered some frequently asked questions below. 

  • How many people should be on my team?
    • 3-5 people is the ideal team size for the swim-a-thon, but there is no limit to how many people can help you fundraise!

  • How much money is my team expected to fundraise?
    • We'd love to see each team raise $1,000 for the cause - which is just $250 each for a four-person team! Don't underestimate how much your friends and family will support a cause when they see that it is close to your heart.

  • Where do I sign up my team and do I need to lock in a team name when I sign up?
    • You can sign up your team here. It takes less than a minute (once you've chosen a quirky profile photo and team name!). You can change your photo or team name at any time, so don't let that elusive perfect name hold you back from getting your fundraising started!

  • Can I show my support without joining a team?
    • You can still support our fundraiser by making a donation to one of our fundraising teams. To increase your impact you can also share the link to our chuffed page with your networks and encourage others to donate too! Spectators are also welcome to come along to the event and cheer on our participants on the day!

  • Where and when is the Swim-a-thon?
    • We have booked out the whole space at Kokoda Memorial Pool in Mundingburra, from 1pm on Saturday 20 March.

  • Do I have to be a strong swimmer? 
    • No! Bring along whatever personal flotation devices you like. You won't be forced to swim laps or suffer. Fundraising should be fun! 

  • What kind of aquatic activities can I expect on the day?
    • There will be team challenges and games. If there's a particular challenge or game you'd like to see on the day, get in touch with your suggestions!

Can't see your question? Comment below or email Crystal at [email protected] to find your answer!

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