Paperbark January 2020

The start of this new decade has brought with it some truly catastrophic weather, which has all of us deeply concerned for the communities, landscapes and wildlife that have been impacted.

We at NQCC are so grateful to all those who have contributed to the rescue and recovery efforts - from donating to the organisations on the front lines to spreading education and awareness around wildlife care or climate change - thank you. 

If the past few weeks have driven you towards becoming more involved in environmental protection and tackling the climate crisis, consider joining us. Our members strengthen the voice that represents North Queensland's environment, and our monthly donors increase our capacity to take on more environmental battles.

Whatever actions you take to help you come to terms with the impacts of the climate crisis, know that we stand with you in the hope of creating a better, safer world for the future, and we won't let climate change-denying politicians get in our way.

If you are looking for a resource to support your personal resilience, take the time to read this collection of ideas from Psychology for a Safe Climate.

In this edition:

  • New Committee Member welcomed
  • Boomerang Bags Coordinator wanted
  • Magnetic Island residents declare a war on waste
  • Zero Waste Workshop
  • Green Drinks is back!
  • Member of the Month
  • Religious leaders come out against climate change
  • Wildlife carer grants now available

New Committee Member Welcomed

Natasha Britton

Tash Britton, NQCC's newest committee member

This month we are thrilled to welcome Tash Britton to our Management Committee! Tash moved to Townsville from Bendigo a few months ago and has been loving it up here so far (even the weather!). She brings with her a passion for the natural environment and 14 years of experience in the financial sector, which will be of great help to our Treasurer, Cam Leitch. Welcome, Tash! It's great having you on board!

Boomerang Bags Coordinator Wanted

Locally made Boomerang Bags

Locally-made Boomerang Bags

  • Are you passionate about the environment and reducing, reusing and recycling?
  • Are you enthusiastic and community-minded, with the ability to inspire others?
  • Are you ready to take on a new and exciting volunteer project for 2020?

Boomerang Bags Townsville is looking for a new Coordinator, and this could be your chance to contribute to the environment, get involved with the community and make a real impact this year!

This volunteer role is highly flexible and super supported. You could be coordinating meetings once a month or once a week depending on your availability, all with the wonderful support of The Hub Creative Space and Boomerang Bags (a nationwide organisation). Been a while since you've touched a sewing machine? That's ok too! You can brush up on your skills alongside new friends.

If you think this sounds like a great opportunity for you, get in touch! Please email Peter Hanley ([email protected]) to express your interest.

**Get Inspired!**

Zero Waste on Magnetic Island

Rose Gordon on the Zero Waste Stall at the Horseshoe Bay markets

Rose Gordon on the Zero Waste Stall at the Horseshoe Bay markets before Christmas

Zero Waste Magnetic Island is a small but passionate group of Magnetic Island residents who aim to transform the island's waste into useful resources by making it easy, appealing and fun to reduce, reuse and recycle. As a working group of Magnetic Island Community Development Association (MICDA), the group has a wide range of projects in the pipeline, including a community composting station, a map of places where people can get their water bottles filled and their active 'Threads' group, which meets regularly on the foreshore at Picnic Bay to repurpose materials that would otherwise be tossed out.

To get involved, join them on Facebook at Zero Waste Magnetic Island or Threads - Zero Waste Magnetic Island.

Learn more about their projects!

Zero Waste Workshop

Zero waste household products

Photo by Yulia Khlebnikova on Unsplash

Has the previous article (or Craig Reucassel) inspired you to reduce your household waste?

We know it's good for the environment, our health and our budget, but sometimes it's hard to know where to start (without wasting a whole lot of cash).

Next month, Townsville City Council and CityLibraries are running a FREE, family-friendly Zero Waste Workshop to help households tackle their waste. 

When: 10 - 11.30am, Saturday 22 February
Where: CityLibraries Aitkenvale (4 Petunia St, Aitkenvale)

Spread the word to get your friends and neighbours inspired! Sometimes even the smallest changes can have a big impact.

Book now

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February Green Drinks

Green Drinks flyer

Want to spend some time with people who care about the environment? Let's meet up for a drink and a chat!

When: Friday 7 February, anytime from 6pm (come and go as you please)
Where: Seaview Hotel on the Strand - we will book a table out the front if the weather permits.

Keep up-to-date with all Green Drinks events via email or Facebook by following the links below.

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Member of the Month: Sharon Eastley

Sharon Eastley

Sharon with rescued Flying Foxes following the heatwave event of 2018.

Sharon joined NQCC's membership in 2019 and has inspired many of us through her dedication to our wildlife and the environment. Read on to get to know her a little better...


Why did you become a member of NQCC?

I became a member of NQCC as I love everything that it stands for. I am currently studying at JCU to become a Zoologist and Ecologist as well as a Conservationist. I love being kept up to date in everything that is happening in our society.

What are your life passions?

My life passions (apart from my two beautiful girls and my Labrador Jax) is the conservation of our wildlife, especially our incredible Flying Foxes.  When I finish my studies at JCU I really want to work in the field of educating the public on how amazing Flying Foxes are and how important they are to our ecosystem.

How does nature fit into your life?

Nature is really a part of my life.  Whether it is doing my part in recycling, placing water out in a safe place for wildlife or rescuing wildlife as well as caring for them.  Nature grounds me, when emotions are running high, I go out and feel the grass under my feet, listen to the birds and close my eyes and really just soak it all in.

Do you have any words of encouragement or advice for others who love the environment?

To others who love the environment, just keep loving it. Do whatever you can to help. Recycle, place water out for wildlife. If you go to the beach, take a garbage bag and fill it with rubbish.  There are so many things that people can do to help out.  Be passionate, educate people on how important conservation of our wildlife is and that we just need to take care of our planet in every way possible.


Our membership base contains a diverse wealth of knowledge, passions and experiences, and we'd love to learn more about the people who make our organisation strong! Each month we will endeavour to reach out to a different member to learn about what drives them, and what NQCC means to them.

If the future of North Queensland's environment is something you care deeply about, why not join us?

Become a Member Today!

In Other News

Townsville Religious Leaders Speak Out Against Climate Change

On 22 January, the Anglican Bishop of North Queensland, Bishop Keith Joseph and the Catholic Bishop of Townsville, Bishop Tim Harris, issued a joint statement calling for urgent action on climate change. The call comes on the wake of the recent bushfire crisis and was reported in the Townsville Bulletin last week under the heading “Bishops’ plea for planet”. Their opening paragraph reminds us of the flooding in Townsville in February, the recent bushfires and the plight of Pacific Islands threatened with inundation.

The Bishops remind us that scientists predicted catastrophic weather events as one of the results of climate change.

Their statement calls on all levels of government to address the causes of climate change. They say that claiming that Australia produces only 1.3% of global emissions is no excuse for inaction. All countries have the responsibility to act on behalf of future generations. Their statement concludes “The exploitation of our environment for our own wealth with no regard for the future is morally wrong. We must urgently do those things which will protect and cherish the inheritance that we are to give to our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.”

A copy of the statement can be accessed here

NQCC President Peter Hanley and Campaigns Manager Tarquin Moon have both written to the Bishops thanking them for speaking out on this issue. If it is your faith that calls you to act on climate change, or if you were inspired by the statement, we encourage you to do likewise. Their contact details are below:

Bishop Tim Harris: [email protected] | Bishop Keith Joseph: [email protected] 

Wildlife Carer Grants Now Available

The State Government's Wildlife Carers Assistance Grants are now available and will provide funding to wildlife care groups and individual carers to assist with their wildlife rescue and rehabilitation services. The following is currently on offer:

  • Grants up to $2,000 (ex GST) are available to individual wildlife carers.
  • Grants up to $5,000 (ex GST) are available to wildlife care organisations. 

To learn more, check your eligibility and apply, go here. Applications close at 4pm on 19 February 2020, so apply now!


Yours naturally,

Crystal & Tarquin
North Queensland Conservation Council


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