Paperbark April 2020

How are you? Hopefully you are making the best of these strange times. We certainly have been (but more on that later).

Sadly, it hasn't been the best month for our environment, with reports that our Great Barrier Reef is suffering "near-annual" coral bleaching and our country's environmental health has received a result of less than one out of ten on a major environmental scorecard. With this on top of COVID-19 restrictions keeping us away from some of our favourite natural spaces and cancelling numerous environmental events, you could be forgiven for feeling a bit down lately.

If your optimism is in need of a boost, read on to learn all about what's new at NQCC (it's exciting) and how you can continue to contribute to the movement, even in lockdown. We also recommend giving yourself a few minutes to read about how "tackling climate change is vital for the strongest economic recovery after coronavirus", because the future is just around the corner.

In this edition:

  • NQCC News:
    • Meet our new Campaigns Manager
    • Welcome to the Committee, Chris
    • Renew NQ: Climate Conversations update
    • Hells Gates Dam feasibility and impact review
  • Online Activism Opportunities:
    • Declare a Climate Emergency, Townsville 
    • Write for Renewables
    • Students are striking for the climate - online
    • Queensland's Natural Wonders Awards
  • May's (bird-themed) Green Drinks
  • Member of the Month
  • COVID-19 self-care tips
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Covid-19 Self Care Tips

Looking after yourself during a pandemic can be challenging. The good news is, we're all in this together! If you are currently doing something that benefits your well-being that isn't on this list, get in touch at [email protected]

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Paperbark March 2020

Well, it's been a March like no other. COVID-19 has changed life as we know it and thrown many families into tough times they weren't expecting. Our thoughts go out to those in our community experiencing hardship and we encourage you to reach out if you are in need of any kind of support.

The impacts of this pandemic cannot be overstated. But, as we come together as a global community to protect those most vulnerable to this virus, we are learning valuable lessons about what it takes for governments and citizens to make big changes. These lessons will serve us well in our fight for climate justice. 

While our year ahead is clouded with confusion and uncertainty, we will use this opportunity to encourage a paradigm shift to ensure that the future we build when the dust settles is the kind of future we have all been working towards - one where our environment is valued and sustainability is key. For an inspirational take on the situation, as well as some points about the importance of the EPBC Act Review, read this article published in The Guardian on the weekend.

Thank you in advance for your support during this time. Stay connected, stay healthy and stay at home if you can.

In this edition:

  • Farewell from Tarquin
  • Climate Conversations Project
  • What you can do about single-use plastics
  • EPBC Act Review
  • (Virtual) Green Drinks
  • Member of the Month
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Climate Conversations Project: an introduction

NQCC's Vision for Townsville

NQCC has been working towards a paradigm shift around climate change for several years - just like many other environment organisations throughout the world. While collectively we have raised awareness and brought it to the forefront of people's minds, we are up against the powers of the coal lobby and conservative media and as such have failed in achieving solid positive outcomes for climate action.

That's why we're changing our tactics. 

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Paperbark February 2020

The year is ramping up for NQCC with a few important environmental matters already hitting our desk as you will see in this edition of Paperbark. You will also see that there is quite a theme of reinvigorating our members and supporter involvement.

On this note, we are proud to announce our Climate Change Conversations project. Your support in the coming months will be important!  The project brings together community engagement activities with new messages that will help to activate wide ranging support for North Queensland to become a carbon-neutral community! This is about addressing the polarisation which has hindered stronger action on climate change across Australia (our article from last year explores what is needed to overcome this).

In this edition, you will read about more ways you can contribute to our work from sending in your biodiversity case studies to help with our EPBC Act submission to coming along to our monthly Green Drinks or visiting a politician or two...

This will be a big year of politics starting off with local elections next month. Now is a great time for all of us to be talking to Local Councillors about the environment!

Read on to find out more and remember another way you can contribute, is through your donations by going here!

In this edition:

  • Message from NQCC President
  • Collinsville Power Station
  • EPBC Act Review
  • Climate Change Conversations - Hello Tyler!
  • JCU Market Day
  • Local Elections
  • Smart Drum Lines 
  • Green Drinks
  • Member of the Month
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How Local Governments Can Help the Environment!

This year is a big one for voters starting out with the Local Government Elections on Saturday the 28th March 2020. All local councils in Queensland are having elections on this day as people cast their votes at polling booths. NQCC's region includes ten diverse local government areas from coastal to dry inland regions towards the Northern Territory border.  In Townsville at least, we have started meeting Local Councillors to discuss priority issues for our organisation: 1) the protection of flying foxes, 2) conservation of our precious water resources to prevent the building of new dams and 3) helping Townsville and North Queensland become a carbon-neutral community.


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Non-Lethal Shark Mitigation within the Marine Park

Photo credit: AMCS/HSI/N.McLaughlan

The agreement announced on Tuesday 4th February 2020 between the Commonwealth and State governments to re-deploy SMART drum lines trials within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is welcomed as a non-lethal, evidence-based approach to shark mitigation and public safety.

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Paperbark January 2020

The start of this new decade has brought with it some truly catastrophic weather, which has all of us deeply concerned for the communities, landscapes and wildlife that have been impacted.

We at NQCC are so grateful to all those who have contributed to the rescue and recovery efforts - from donating to the organisations on the front lines to spreading education and awareness around wildlife care or climate change - thank you. 

If the past few weeks have driven you towards becoming more involved in environmental protection and tackling the climate crisis, consider joining us. Our members strengthen the voice that represents North Queensland's environment, and our monthly donors increase our capacity to take on more environmental battles.

Whatever actions you take to help you come to terms with the impacts of the climate crisis, know that we stand with you in the hope of creating a better, safer world for the future, and we won't let climate change-denying politicians get in our way.

If you are looking for a resource to support your personal resilience, take the time to read this collection of ideas from Psychology for a Safe Climate.

In this edition:

  • New Committee Member welcomed
  • Boomerang Bags Coordinator wanted
  • Magnetic Island residents declare a war on waste
  • Zero Waste Workshop
  • Green Drinks is back!
  • Member of the Month
  • Religious leaders come out against climate change
  • Wildlife carer grants now available
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Magnetic Islanders Tackle Waste

Zero Waste Stall at the Horseshoe Bay markets

Rose Gordon on the Zero Waste Stall at the Horseshoe Bay markets before Christmas

We just want to talk rubbish! In a nutshell this is what it comes down to. This all started when some passionate residents decided that we just have too much waste and we need to do something about it. This is how the group formed Zero Waste on Magnetic Island. We aim to transform the island’s waste into useful resources, by making it easy, appealing and fun to recycle, reduce and reuse and we want the community to get involved!

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Paperbark December 2019

With 2019 almost at an end, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for being a part of our movement to protect our environment here in North Queensland!

This year, thanks to your support, we've achieved some rather remarkable things! Here is a quick look back at NQCC's activities and achievements in 2019:

  • We've made submissions on the following:
    • The Mineral Resources (Galillee Basin) Amendment Bill
    • The EPBC Referral - Flying Fox deterrent
    • The Queensland Environmental Offsets Framework
    • Mackay Tourism's Wallaby Sunrise Tours at Cape Hillsborough Beach
    • The North Queensland Country Club Resort and Equestrian Centre at Toolakea Beach
    • The North Queensland Regional Plan
  • We've been vocal about climate change, supporting the Strikes for Climate and hosting a Climate Concert as part of Queensland's Climate Week, as well as advocating for better climate change engagement in our region from policy-makers
  • We've grown our campaign to #SaveOurNationalParks with demonstrations, media events, market stalls, petitions and postcards
  • We've worked hard to keep our environment at the forefront of peoples' minds, with attendance at a wide range of community events

In this edition:

  • Boomerang Bags volunteer opportunity
  • Ministerial Environment Roundtable 
  • Let Queensland's Tourism Minister know what you want for Christmas
  • Cranky Curlews have your last-minute Christmas shopping sorted!
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