Our Islands, Our Home: Townsville Demonstration

The rally crowd

In late November, NQCC was contacted by Nekina Whap - a local woman with family ties to Lag Mabuiag in Zenadh Kes. She had been following the "Our Islands, Our Home" case, led by the #TorresStrait8 and was personally touched and distressed by the impacts of sea level rise on low-lying islands throughout the Torres Strait. Watching the Australian Government celebrate NAIDOC Week triggered an overwhelming sense of anger for Nekina - "What do we have to celebrate? When this is happening in our country?". She knew she had to bring more attention to the issue.

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Paperbark November 2020

Paperbark header

How has your November been? After such an impossibly long year, it's hard to believe 2020 is beginning to wrap up at last. We hope you enjoy our latest updates and a round-up of some interesting news stories and local activities.

In this edition:

  • November News Overview
  • State Election Update
  • Smart, Clean Futures Roundtable
  • Bushland Beach Clean-Up
  • Trivia Night
  • Green Drinks in 2020
  • Our Islands, Our Home Virtual Town Hall & Townsville March
  • Liz Downes: Queensland Volunteer of the Year
  • Krissy Regan with The Koala Who Lost His Heart
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Liz Downes: Queensland Volunteer of the Year!

Liz Downes at TYTO Wetlands

You might remember that our May Paperbark carried the news that long-time NQCC member Liz Downes had been awarded the “Heart of Volunteering Award” by Volunteering North Queensland at their annual awards in Townsville. On Friday 27 November, Liz's wonderful contributions were propelled even further into the spotlight when she was announced as the winner of Volunteering Queensland's "Volunteer of the Year"!

This is the premier award for volunteers in Queensland, and Liz (also the Vice President of Wildlife Queensland Townsville Branch) was chosen from among 147 other nominations. 

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Great Barrier Reef Clean-Up: Bushland Beach

Bushland beach

We live in one of the most beautiful locations in the world with the iconic Great Barrier Reef Marine Park right on our doorstep, along with many other fragile ecosystems that provide shelter and food for marine animals including many endangered species. Unfortunately these ecosystems and marine animals are under threat not only from the effects of climate change but also from marine debris.

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2020 Trivia Night

Stranded Assets

2020 may be remembered for a lot of bad things, but if there is one memory that sparks joy and laughter when we look back on this time, we hope it is our infamous Annual Fundraising Trivia Night!

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Dams Plan was a Political Fizzer

NQCC logoMedia Release: 2/11/2020

Dams plan was a political fizzer

The outcome of last weekend’s Queensland election shows that voters could not be swayed by the promise of the biggest dam building program in Australia’s history.

The LNP promised to build a major new dam on the Burdekin River to irrigate dry lands in the interior of Queensland. The scheme would have cost tens of billions of dollars and led to unsustainable reductions in freshwater flowing to coastal ecosystems, including estuaries that fisheries depend upon.

The policy was targeted at voters in key electorates in Townsville. In an announcement in August, LNP leader Deb Frecklington said “the biggest benefit will be felt in Townsville” and “[the] project that will secure Townsville’s economic future for generations to come”. Voters returned ALP candidates in all three Townsville seats with swings of about three per cent.

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Paperbark October 2020

Paperbark header

With the state election upon us, it's been a pretty hectic time! We've been busy advocating for the environment in meetings with MPs and candidates, producing our Environment Report Card and even joining a colourful media launch behind QCC's "Power Up Queensland" Report! 

While the next few years of Queensland's environmental policies hang in the balance this weekend, we know that we have a lot of work to do, regardless of the outcome. Luckily, we have a broad and powerful network of supporters in people like you.

You can show your support in a number of ways, such as participating in some of our events! There are some exciting things coming up in November and we hope that you can get involved in some way.

Please enjoy this edition of Paperbark...

In this edition:

  • NQCC News:
    • Qld Environment Report Card
    • Power Up North Queensland
  • Upcoming Events 
    • Bushland Beach Clean Up
    • Fundraising Trivia Night!
    • Final Green Drinks of 2020
  • Local Activities:
    • Climate Quiz & Solar Farm Tour
  • Online Activities:
    • Community Organising Training
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Paperbark September 2020


You may be wondering why you're reading your September Paperbark in October. The answer is quite simple - with so much happening in the lead-up to our AGM, we thought we'd hold out until the Official Business was over before sending you our monthly update. Apologies for the suspense!

There has been a staggering amount of environmental news to report on over the past several weeks, but as this edition of Paperbark is a little longer than usual (jam-packed with updates, opportunities and other interesting stuff), we'll dive right in. 

In this edition:

  • NQCC News:
    • Our AGM 
    • Annual Report
    • Membership Drive Update
    • Burdekin Basin Seminar
    • Green Drinks
    • Trivia Night announcement
  • Local Activities:
    • Solar Citizens yard signs available
    • GBR Clean-Up: Hinchinbrook Island
    • Save the date: Quiz and Solar Farm Tour
  • Online Activism Opportunities:
    • QCC's Power Up Queensland Vision
    • Townsville Alliance Assembly
    • Victor Steffensen's Cultural Fire Webinar
  • Interesting Things:
    • Research survey: exploring the psychological impacts of climate change
    • Umbrella Studio exhibition: "Final Curtain"
    • Compost with your neighbours through ShareWaste
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2020 AGM

NQCC's Backyard AGM

As another September rolls around, it's a great time to reflect and celebrate the activities and achievements of a year gone by. 

On Wednesday night we were joined by twenty-two loyal members in our balmy backyard under the mango tree...

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The Burdekin Basin needs integrated, multi-purpose catchment management

NQCC logo
Media Release: 25/09/2020

The Burdekin Basin needs integrated, multi-purpose catchment

Speaking at seminar held in Townsville last week, eminent scientist John Williams warned that if urgent action is not taken, the Burdekin River could follow the same path to degradation as the Murray Darling River. Professor Williams, Adjunct Professor at the Australian National University and founding member of the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists, said that with multiple proposals for new dams on the Burdekin River, action is needed now.

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