Paperbark June 2019

Well, it looks like we've made it to the end of June - what an action-packed month it has been! Thank you for your support throughout this month! From engaging with us via social media, attending our events or contributing to our fundraising efforts, we couldn't have done everything we have without you!

If you are yet to renew your membership for 2019/2020, you may receive a phone call in the coming weeks, but if you're not sure you can email [email protected] to check your membership status. If you would like to renew online, go here

Drawing towards the end of June means that this financial year is almost over (seriously, where did it go?). As such, you only have a few days for any donations to count towards this year's tax deduction. You can donate online here

In this edition:

  • June in Review
    • Palm Creek Folk Festival
    • Climate Concert
    • Art Auction
  • Upcoming Events
    • Plastic-Free July
    • Green Drinks
    • JCU O-Week Market
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Postcard Art Auction 2019

On Friday the 21st of June, NQCC celebrated our biennial Fundraising Postcard Art Auction for 2019! 

Approximately fifty art/environment lovers attended the event at Umbrella Studio (Townsville City), where each of the seventy works generously donated by artists from near and far were auctioned off for prices ranging from $10 to $105. The pieces were postcard-sized (though some were a little larger) and environment-themed. This event saw our five-week long exhibition, titled "Insights Into Our Environment" come to an end. Luckily for you, the artworks are still available to peruse in our online gallery.


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Palm Creek Folk Festival 2019

For the first time in a few years, NQCC featured a stall at Palm Creek Folk Festival here in NQ - and it certainly got some attention! With our rainbow couch, polaroid camera and props, we were able to raise some funds to #SaveOurNationalParks, while spreading the word about this campaign to hundreds of festival-goers. 

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Paperbark May 2019

To those of you who have renewed your membership or recently joined, thank you (and congratulations for taking positive action for the environment)! If you are currently craving the chance to do some hands-on volunteering with us, this month is positively brimming with such opportunities!

Membership renewals are due next Wednesday (World Environment Day), so treat yourself and sign up now! 

Become a Member of NQCC for just $20!

In this edition:

  • May in review
    • Members Event
    • Postcard Art Exhibition Opening
    • Eco Fiesta
  • Upcoming events (and volunteer opportunities):
    • Palm Creek Folk Festival
    • Extinction Rebellion Info Night
    • Green Drinks
    • Climate Concert
    • Postcard Art Auction
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Paperbark April 2019

We hope that you have enjoyed time with friends and family this month, and that the Easter Bilby came to visit. Need a pick-me-up after returning to the usual routine after the holidays? Enjoy this good news story about some new baby bilbies here in Townsville. May is absolutely filled with events, so make sure you keep an eye on your inbox and follow us on Facebook to keep up-to-date!

In this edition:

  • Hinchinbrook stall in Cardwell
  • Member Event: Wednesday 1 May
  • Clean Energy Rally: Wednesday 8 May 
  • Green Drinks: Friday 10 May
  • Candidates Forum
  • Postcard Art Exhibition Opening: Friday 17 May
  • Some Reminders
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Paperbark March 2019

Paperbark Header

Welcome to this month's edition of Paperbark! We've really hit the ground running this year, and can't believe we're already at the end of March! Now is a great time to beat the rush and renew your membership for 2019-2020. Not a member? We'd love to have your support - annual membership is just $20, but it goes a long way towards supporting our activities. What kind of activities do we get up to? Read on to find out...

In this edition:

What We've Been Up To

  • "Save Our National Parks" Campaign Launch
  • Townsville Students Strike for Climate Action
  • HeatWatch Townsville Event
  • Oak Valley Cattle Facility Rally

Upcoming Events

  • Big Solar for Townsville Training Night (Thursday 28 March)
  • Climate and Health Alliance Workshop (Sunday 31 March)
  • Media Training for Townsville (Saturday 6 April)
  • Green Drinks (Friday 12 April)
  • Member Event (Wednesday 1 May)
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Paperbark February 2019

Well, what a month it has been up here in North Queensland! If any friends or relatives needed convincing that climate change is happening right now (and not in a few decades' time), this month should quell any doubts for sure. 

We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and getting any and all support required. It has been heartwarming to witness the acts of compassion showed during this one-in-five-hundred-year event. North Queenslanders have a long history of resilience, which will serve us well as we head further into the Anthropocene. 

Here at the office, we've been very fortunate to escape the floods with nothing more than a bit of mould, so rest assured our work continues (we just smell a bit more like vinegar and clove oil than we probably would like).

In this edition: 

  • What We've Been Up To:
    • JCU O-Week Market Day
    • Tarquin's Visit to Cardwell
  • Upcoming Events:
    • Green Drinks
    • Schools Strike for Climate
    • The Australia Institute Presentation 'Heatwatch'
    • Climate and Health Alliance Workshop
    • Postcard Exhibition Rescheduled (Artworks still welcome!)
  • Campaign News
    • Help us Raise $3,000 to save National Parks!
    • Some Background Info
    • New Life for Your Old Hiking Boot
  • Other Opportunities
    • Toilet Paper Fundraiser
    • Containers for Cash
    • Review of Queensland’s Environmental Offsets Framework
    • EcoFiesta Speakers Program
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Paperbark January 2019

Welcome to the first edition of Paperbark for 2019! We hope you have entered the New Year with renewed passion and energy for all things conservation, just as we have! This month we just have a few brief notices to keep you up-to-date...

In this edition:

  • Save Hinchinbrook Stall - Strand Night Market
  • Help us reach 3,000 signatures!
  • 'Defend Our Water' - Skill Up & Campaign Launch
  • Postcard Art Exhibition - artworks due 31 January
  • Containers for Change - how your recycling could help support us
  • Green Drinks - it's back, baby!
  • Loo Rolls - a quirky fundraiser that feels good
  • Work for AYCC in Townsville
  • Volunteers Wanted!
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Paperbark December 2018

Paperbark Header

Welcome to our final edition of Paperbark for 2018!

In this edition:

  • Campaign Work: protecting Qld National Parks from private leases
  • Trivia Night was a success!
  • Upcoming Events
  • How to donate your container refunds to NQCC
  • Management Committee update
  • Survey opportunity
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Paperbark November 2018


Welcome to our November edition of Paperbark, where we keep you up to date on the latest conservation news in North Queensland. This edition is dedicated to the memory of a strong-willed, truly inspirational woman and conservationist who passed away in October this year. The Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland has posted a beautifully-written commemoration of her life. Read it here. 

In This Edition:

  • "Hands Off Hinchinbrook" petition
  • AGM
  • New Management Committee
  • Loud Letter Writing
  • JCU Market Day
  • NENQ Symposium
  • "Blue" Screening
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